Deadlings Review

Deadlings Review

Mar 18, 2014

With regards to the gameplay, Deadlings is unmistakably a platformer. But watch for the sleight of hand, because this one hides extra elements in its billowy robes.

It has to be said… finally, the zombies are the protagonists in this one. As in most platform games, getting from point A to Point B is the ultimate goal, but there are several anti-undead mechanisms around to make this harder. The backstory is the perfect entry tool, and gives insight into the quirky humor that makes up the games fabric. In this one, Death (as in Mr Grim Reaper himself) is a lonely, lonely soul. To combat this, he decided to create his own army, and to stock it with gruesome monsters — which makes sense in sick, sensible way.dead1

Anyhoo, the mazes that make up the platforms are deadly training grounds to weed out the monsters from the super-athletic monsters; and there are different zombies with different abilities.

The gameplay is leveled, and there are several visual learners placed at points to help the gameplay along. Early on, he play area is defined, always in 2D and fashioned as a room wih plenty of dangers like spikes surfaces, spinning rotary blades and explosive barriers. Touching any of these is lethal. There are also a defined entry point, and one more exits. At the base level, after a direction is picked to travel, the monster moves until stopped by a lethal danger or making it to an exit. The strategy lies in the ability to guide the moving monster successfully to the end point; as noted, different monsters have different attributes.

The first monster, for instance, can be made to jump by tapping the screen. Subsequent characters (unlocked by success, as are subsequent levels) can do stuff like jumping/adhering to surfaces directly above, or float, and more. There are treats to collect, and success, in time and collectibles, is measured at the end. There are exhaustible helpers (extra lives, obstacle-removing favors) and more can be had via in-app purchasing, which do not feel mandatory.

The graphics are vibrant, and the animations work well, even if the splashes of red are slightly sobering. I like the game flow, but would have preferred a simpler restart mechanism.

All in all? Solid game, simple layout, loads of free-to-play fun.

Android Rundown on Twitch Recap: Wind-Up Knight 2, Block Legend, Smash Hit, and Deadlings!

Android Rundown on Twitch Recap: Wind-Up Knight 2, Block Legend, Smash Hit, and Deadlings!

Mar 11, 2014

Get a case of the Mondays and missed our streams of some recent releases and one big upcoming one? Click here to watch Monday’s broadcast, and catch the highlights below.

Wind-Up Knight 2: Over on the 148Apps Twitch channel, Robot Invader joined up to chat about the upcoming auto-runner platformer. Watch the whole broadcast here, or check out this highlight of some of the bonus challenges:

Block Legend: This goofy puzzle-RPG features retro looks and gameplay that isn’t just another match-3 game:

Smash Hit: The oddly-named Mediocre has a new game about smashing glass by launching metal balls at the oncoming panes. It’s surprisingly gorgeous.

Deadlings: The grim reaper is lonely! So use zombies to solve puzzles! It makes sense, I think!

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