Super Mega Worm Review

Super Mega Worm Review

Aug 20, 2013

Super Mega Worm sure took its time to crawl to Android systems. It was released years ago on iOS and only now just got a proper release on Android systems. Before I dive into the mess that is Android release dates, let’s discuss the game in question.

Super Mega Worm is a man-eating simulator – a genre that is quite popular on the mobile platforms. It seems that, while computer gamers enjoy getting up-close and personal with the people they are trying to kill, mobile gamers prefer doing it through half-natural disasters, be it sharks, zombies, or giant worms from hell. So, yes, it’s one of those games that the parents stare at in disgust, and then start banning stuff left and right. Although it’s done in a colorful, pixelized style, it’s still bloodier than a surgeon on Christmas. The worm is crawling in the Earth crust, as the people and other edible substances walk and fly on and above it. It’s controlled by the virtual stick on the left, and two buttons on the right. The stick controls its movement direction, while the buttons activate its special abilities.

Super Mega Worm 3The goal is to eat. Eat healthfully and plentifully, launching its enormous body into the air and bringing all its weight upon some unsuspecting two-legged meal. Eating is crucial, as the worm continuously loses some of its health all the time, which can only be replenished by snacking on some lively surface-dwellers. While humans are consumed, the worm grows and starts getting more and more attention. Soon, army choppers, tanks, and paratroopers are going to try and stop the ringed apocalypse with all possible means, but too, will be consumed. After some time, special abilities get unlocked, and the worm becomes faster and more resistant to damage, gaining even more destructive power.

The main issue with Super Mega Worm is how simple it is. Although the core gameplay lasts for a while, there are no changes in it. There’s just a single level, and endless leveling up, eating whatever comes in the way. There are certain achievements to get, and tactics to unveil, but most of the game is really repetitive, with only a single, featureless level and no way to alter the development of our invertebrate. Well, it’s quite okay anyway. Its gameplay is unique enough, and it’s interestingly challenging, so I say it’s worth the price. Besides, there’s always a free version that lets the players bring the party to Santa’s house.