Asterix: Total Retaliation Review

Asterix: Total Retaliation Review

Nov 18, 2013

Anyone who’s a big fan of the Asterix comics (like me) will have been thrilled when the announcement of a new game staring the diminutive warrior and his hilarious friends. But how does it play?

Asterix: Total Retaliation tells a story that makes little sense in the world of the comics. The Romans, sick of constant defeat have decided to simply bumrush the village with endless waves of legionaries until one manages to get to Getafix and steals the potion. If you know the world of Asterix you’d know the Romans would never invade the village while the Gauls have potion. They would be defeated completely before they even got close. It feels very unrealistic. There is very little in game dialogue, which is a shame

Times when you use Asterix & Obelix themselves are few and far between. Rather, you use a lot of sidebar characters that play minor roles in the comics. Whenever it’s Geriatrix, the grumpy old fogey or Fullautomatix, the fish critic you’ll mostly be using the village’s inhabitants to fight off the Romans, rather than its heroes. Instead, they are relegated to one shot powerups you must pay a lot of potion for each time you use them.

Screenshot_2013-11-15-18-28-32Asterix: Total Retaliation plays almost exactly like Plants vs Zombies, except with Asterix characters shoehorned in. Romans will slowly make their way across the screen. The player deploys characters, who then automatically attack the Romans with ranged attacks, wearing them down. Placing or moving characters costs potion points. If a Roman reaches a character, they damage them and after a few opponents hit a character that character is removed and must be placed again. If four Romans reach the other end of the screen you lose the level.

Grabbing potions is the name of the game in Asterix: Total Retaliation. Super annoyingly, catching potions in midair before they land on the ground nets you way more points than just collecting them normally. Doing well in a level often hinges on how well you can catch the potions.

Screenshot_2013-11-14-16-40-13The main problem with Asterix: Total Retaliation is that the entire game has been lifted from Plants vs Zombies. About the only thing that is different are the sprites used and the fact there’s only one of each character. While Plants vs Zombies is a good game, seeing it copied so brashly doesn’t really endear Asterix: Total Retaliation to anyone and serves to cheapen the source material. The game is also excessively easy.

Graphically, Asterix: Total Retaliation looks amazing. It looks exactly like the comics, down to the smallest details, has excellent animation and will be a treat for any fan. Soundwise, the music is quite good and relaxing, but the actual sound effects really need work and are limited to different pitched thuds for the most part.

Asterix: Total Retaliation isn’t a bad game. It looks wonderful and while its not thrill a minute its pretty fun. Asterix fans should definitely check it out for the graphics alone.