Degrees Review

Degrees Review

May 16, 2014

Weather prediction is big business, and I am fairly certain I am not unique in wanting reliable weather information on my devices of choice. As such, it’s good news that the formerly Canada-exclusive app Degrees now has USA weather data to share.

At first sight, the clean look of the app is appealing. The main screens that appear when the app is first started are distinct in the general clean, minimalist look; the backgrounds are stark white, and the icons are simple but expressive, and the black fonts work well.

Immediately after opening, the app pulls in information to a summary bar, and tapping on the summary bar opens up more information. The top part of this page can be scrolled through, and reflects weather-related data: wind deg1speed/direction, pressure, visibility, humidity, dewpoint, current/local moon phase and the times for sunrise and sunset. Even higher up in this bar (in larger font) is the current temperature and weather outlook. The app has an ultra-useful radar button which presents regional weather patterns in real-time.

Beneath this, the app breaks down the upcoming predicted weather for the next week, by day and nighttime. It also summarizes, by use of number and icon, the expected weather difference for said time period.

On the opening summary page, there is a setting button to the top right; tapping this gives the user an opportunity to adjust some specific settings. Locations (including that used with the widget) can be entered here; also, units can be tweaked (for example, from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or imperial units instead of metric ones). Push notifications and order of data can be tweaked.

The widget is clean; I would have liked a bit more customization options, but to be fair, it adopts the simple aspects present in other parts of the app.

The app works because it is clean and functional. Having NOAA data as the base makes it quite reliable as a service, and the low-frills feel is just what a weather app needs.

For an infinitely useful app, Degrees is easy to enjoy, and at $0.99, it is priced to move.

Degrees: A Weather App for Canadians!

Degrees: A Weather App for Canadians!

May 29, 2012

I do not live in Canada. I live in South Texas, where there is no need to check the summer temperature, as it is either hot, really hot, or really really [censored] hot.For our friends north of the border, summertime may bring a variety of weather. There’s an app for these Canadian folk, and it’s called Degrees. This app provides stylish ways to view the weather anywhere from Vancouver to Saskatoon. The app was developed for both iOS and Android, which may explain the stylish, monochrome look.

Degrees supports the viewing of multiple cities on one screen. Want to see what the weather’s looking like in Newfoundland? Disgruntled Expos fan that wants to be able to taunt Toronto that while they may still have baseball, Montreal has better weather on this day? Go for it! Planning a trip north of the border but can’t quite understand Celsius? The app supports Fahrenheit as well! The app is available now from Google Play.