Theme Thursday: Forest for GO Launcher

Theme Thursday: Forest for GO Launcher

Aug 16, 2012

While it’s easy to presume that Android Rundown readers are manly men who like manly themes for their manly Android phones, it never hurts to throw a shout out to the ladies. That is why this week I took a look at a theme that will bring any honest Disney-loving princess back to the magical world of enchanted forests and talking animals. Specifically, the theme is simply titled, Forest and was created by Freedom Design; who, somehow, do not have an entry on the Theme Thursday columns yet.

While there is no direct Disney correlations the colorful and intricate icons will remind anyone of the magical forests and extraordinary fantasy that the company is known for. Small vines delicately coil themselves around a piece of paper in the Messages icon while the Settings icon features a gear surrounded by a flowering wreath. Actually, any League of Legends player should find these slightly familiar as they do bear an odd resemblance to the game’s interior jungles.

However, like most themes that feature radically different designs, Forest offers a disappointingly few number of icons and the contrast when seeing the quaint, rustic cabin that is the Market icon placed next to a bright and very modern Flipboard icon is fairly jarring and really removes the illusion. It is nice to see that they are continually rolling out new icons for more popular apps but there still are not nearly enough to give any unified look to a phone. One thing that did surprise me was the wallpapers. It would have been really easy to just phone that in, but because this is a “premium” app, the standards need to be a little higher. Fortunately, Forest delivers; and while it may not be the most macho wallpaper and most guys would rather be caught dead than be found sporting it, there is no denying it is high quality and easy on the eyes.

Settling in for just under $2 there is some risk associated with the purchase but as long as the home screen retains familiar and stock Android apps this theme should whisk any former princess off to their fantasy forest every time they open their phone.