Dessert Storm Review

Dessert Storm Review

Jul 22, 2013

Dessert Storm is a cleverly named matching game that will make you think of a particular B game that most likely inspired it.

As far as Pick 3 games go, it is fairly familiar. The graphics are very colorful, which somewhat goes with the sett eats motif. The backgrounds are almost literally explosions of color, with animations like rising balloons occurring continually. The tokens themselves are colorful desserts that make the use of pastels to come to life.

Again, the gameplay is very familiar. It’s bejeweled in with a sweet tooth’s dream exterior. The playing area is made up of a grid with 81 pieces at any given time; to score points, sets of three have to be created by switching positions of eligible pieces. Horizontal and vertical sets count, but diagonals don’t. When a set of at least three matching, consecutive desserts is made (by tapping adjacent pieces to switch their positions), they explode, generate points and disappear, and gravity takes over, with the resulting space being filled by pieces above and from beyond dessert2the playing area; this way, there are always 81 pieces in play. If any other matches are made as a result of the cascade, they too follow the action sequence.

To be successful, a keen eye for shapes and colors is always good, as shapes are not the only category for successful matches. A lot of times, building from the bottom yields the best result.

The game comes in three modes: Relaxed, Classic and Rush. They are all fairly self-explanatory, but I thought the classic version was kind of long. That particular mode comes in levels with score requirements to proceed.

On my review devices, the play pieces were almost intolerably small, and I could not figure out how to change this. This made the pieces hard to swap, and, for me, fat fingering was common.

For a Bejeweled clone, it does the job of keeping the game close to heart without duplicating it, which for a lot of gamers, makes the perfect time waster.