Death Worm Review

Death Worm Review

Jun 28, 2011

Destruction is the nature of the world. For change to happen, the old must crumble and decay. If that crumbling can be sped up a little, then all the better, especially if it can be sped up by introducing a player controlled giant man-eating worm into proceedings. Video games have long understood the primal desire inherent in most humans to smash things. Smashing things in a safe and controlled environment is fun. That’s the principle that Death Worm is built on, and it makes for a really rather satisfying experience.

In Death Worm, you play as the eponymous worm, bringing wormy death to anyone who dares to walk on the ground above your head. You control your worm with an on-screen d-pad, throwing him around in order to kill and blow up anything that moves. There are a variety of modes for you to smash your way through, as well as a couple of mini-games if you get bored of the constant slaughter.

There’s a remarkable sincerity to Death Worm that few other games can boast. It sets out its stall from the get go, and whilst it adds new layers and challenges, it never shies away from its core goal – making sure the player is having as much destructive fun as possible.

Some might be put off by the simple graphics, or might find the endless blowing up of things too repetitive, but these are small criticisms. Death Worm engages you with such aplomb that it’s difficult not to get swept along by the leaping, genetic horror that you play in game.

If you ever watched the film Tremors, and really wanted Kevin Bacon to lose, then Death Worm is the game for you. It’s fast paced, addictive and above all else, a stupid amount of fun. Killing innocent people, trucks, helicopters, birds, camels and tanks might be wrong if you’re a human, but if you’re an amoral worm, then it’s a riot.