Deus Ex: The Fall Review

Deus Ex: The Fall Review

Feb 18, 2014

Deus Ex is one of those PC gaming franchises that defined its space. For some enthusiasts, it is to traditional big(ger) screen gaming what Angry Birds is to handheld play. And now, Square Enix brings Deus Ex: The Fall to Android OS.

For folks who like eye candy, this will be a pleasant experience. The graphics bring the action to life, and the scaled down imagery is impressive; it’s easy to get lost in the danger latent in every crouch and the adrenaline in every sleeper dart shot. The little thing, like shadows and rendering of sunlight is positively surreal. The movements, while a bit stilted in places, are fluid enough to induce random player movement.

The gameplay is a function of the cyberpunk backstory. The year is 2017, and earth, as to be expected, is quite different. Apocalyptic diseases are rampant, the rich are further separated from the poor, and a world government is nigh. Beyond ensuring that all major conspiracies are accounted for, the game introduces us to special soldiers that deus1combine humans with cybernetic body parts, thus creating super soldiers which are initially tasked with protecting the interests of the elite.

Our hero is Ben Saxon, and he gets stuff going. We learn the basics of gameplay through him: stealth attacks through brazen dispatches, and the results of such actions. One of the biggest elements is the concept of actions and consequences; a lot of the time, different options exist by way of form of attack or way to go, but each has it’s own type of resultant sequence. The basic premise is to use that, pick the right weapon for the job, avoid and or get rid of enemy combatants, and make it through to where Ben needs to be. Doing specific actions give experience points, which add up to create a valuable. “praxis” when leveling is accomplished. Credits are assigned as well, and can be used to purchase equipment and such.

It’s an exhilarating adventure, and packs in a surprisingly diverse amount of play. The built-in tutorial makes sense, and the control set is fairly logical. Some elements do stretch the imagination (beer to revive health, for example), and the sequences can be a bit dry, but the fillers work well. There is also some salty language, but the game is not too gory.

It’s not the cheapest Android game around, but it packs in enough action and mini games to make it worth it.

Android Rundown Live on Twitch: Watch Footage of TowerMadness 2, Deus Ex: The Fall, Delver, and More!

Android Rundown Live on Twitch: Watch Footage of TowerMadness 2, Deus Ex: The Fall, Delver, and More!

Jan 27, 2014

On Friday, we had our lengthiest Android Rundown Live stream yet on Twitch, playing 5 different Android games both new and of recent vintage. Missed the show? Click here to watch the whole thing live.

As well, here are the individual games played on the show:

TowerMadness 2: Limbic surprisingly unleashed a followup to their tower defense game, which saw release very recently on Android. I go through the early stages of the game, discussing how games with in-app currencies can be defined by how much the game is willing to give them out.

Watch the TowerMadness 2 Footage Here.

TowerMadness 2 2

Deus Ex: The Fall: After a failure to launch on Thursday’s stream (click here to watch Thursday’s stream), a switch from ART to Dalvik runtimes allowed the game to actually run. The setup to the story and how to play the game are shown and discussed. We’ll likely return to this one this week on the streams…

Watch the Deus Ex: The Fall Footage Here.

Bit Dungeon: This roguelike plays like a cross between The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac, but with touch controls. After a run on Thursday, Friday I take another go at it – and learn how the touch controls actually work.

Watch the Bit Dungeon Footage Here.

Delver: The roguelike fun continues with this first-person dungeon crawler, where I go from being a fumbling mess to a reasonably-competent crawler of dungeons…but a stunning twist may ruin the fun.

Watch the Delver Footage Here.

Super Crossfire HD: We close things out with a run through the extra-difficult Dark Mode in this side-swapping shoot ’em up.

Watch the Super Crossfire HD Footage Here.

As always, follow Android Rundown on Twitch and on Twitter to find out when we’ll be streaming next. Be sure to participate in our chat and let us know on Twitter what you want to see!

Deus Ex: The Fall Launches on Android

Deus Ex: The Fall, the mobile spinoff of the popular Deus Ex series on PC, has made its way to Android at last. Taking part in the same universe as Human Revolution and featuring characters from the novels connected to that game, players must do more than just shoot their way through their enemies, utilizing nanotech upgrades to become stronger. The game will be available at this link on Google Play.

Deus Ex: The Fall Coming to Android Later This Year

Deus Ex: The Fall Coming to Android Later This Year

Jun 6, 2013

The PC and console shooter franchise Deus Ex, which has revolutionized the FPS genre over the past decade-plus in its three incarnations, is set to make its mobile debut later this year with Deus Ex: The Fall, published by Square Enix, and much to the chagrin of assumptive PC and console gamers. Initially announced for iOS, Pocket Gamer has confirmed that the title will be on its way to Android as well. (Full disclosure: Pocket Gamer and Android Rundown are both owned by Steel Media)

Set after the book Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect, players will control an augmented human named Ben Saxon who will fight to help his augmented brethren against powerful corporations. The game is a collaboration between multiple studios: Square Enix’s mobile team, the developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution of Eidos Montreal, and N-Fusion, last known for the visually-stunning Air Mail on iOS. While the game is being adapted to fit touchscreen controls, just how much of the series’ famous RPG elements and open-ended gameplay will be available is yet to be seen. This won’t be a free-to-play title, either: the plan is to launch at $6.99, with the possibility of other episodes in the future. We’ll have more on this title as it’s revealed.