Learn English With a Free App From Dictionary.com

Learn English With a Free App From Dictionary.com

Mar 12, 2014


It can’t be argued that learning English is a second most required skill in the developed world after being able to put pants on the right part of one’s body. Dictionary.com is trying to help people acquire this skill with upcoming English Learner’s Dictionary that will be available on Google Play upon release. Stay tuned for the release, and check out Dictionary.com Website, or it’s free Dictionary app here: Dictionary.com on Google Play.

Presenting A New Dictionairy App For Android: PASSWORD

Presenting A New Dictionairy App For Android: PASSWORD

Jan 24, 2014

PASSWORD English Dictionaries 3

This app is made by Paragon Software, a skilled developer of digital dictionaries, and acts as a helping hand to those who wish to learn English. It’s available in a wide variety of languages, each one suited for the education and culture of the person, using the dictionary. The app has lots of functions, and you can download a demo to try it out before buying. Get it from here: PASSWORD English Dictionaries on Google Play.

A Look at Ascendo and French English Dictionary

A Look at Ascendo and French English Dictionary

Dec 4, 2013

Yep, Ascendo has been in the mobile game for quite some time.

In several application categories and across several mobile platforms, Ascendo has mostly garnered a reputation for quality work, and the list of awards this development house accumulates attests to its attention to detail.

I also had an opportunity to talk with Ascendo chief Marc Bolh (while checking out it French English Dictionary app) about Ascendo’s development philosophy with regards to all its language apps. We asked a host of questions, such as what this updated version offers and the premium version.

“We’ve added lots of enhancements for tablet users such as split screen view,” he told us. “This allows users to view dictionary entries on the right of the screen while browsing the lookup list on the left. The Phrasebook and Verb Conjugator work in similar ways.”

He added, “Another great feature is the ability to add words to the dictionary. Our dictionaries include over 250,000 translations so you will find the vast majority of words you are looking for. However, there are a lot of language dialects, slang words and industry specific terms and no dictionary can cover them all. In addition, new words and usages find their way into languages every day. Our linguists are adding words regularly and now are users can too.”

And what type of people would enjoy the optional $4.99 premium features? “People who love languages and want awesome fed1features like syncing their words between devices or ongoing access to the phrase translator” he says. “These backend features incur costs so it’s important that the business model be aligned. Subscription users also get access to the full dictionary, phrasebook and verb conjugator without ads. The free version has over 50,000 translation which may be good enough for 1st and 2nd year students and a one-time paid version is available separately for people who want the full dictionary without sync or phrase translation.”

I asked Marc about his vision of the future of mobile apps. “Languages are living and apps should reflect that by encouraging users to create and share content. We developed the first app to allow users to add notes and images to dictionary entries. Version 6 is the the first app to allow users to add dictionary keywords. This foundation will allow users to share content in future versions. Our mission is to bring language apps to life and we thank the 10 million+ people who have joined us on this journey by downloading our apps.”

The app interface is recognizably pleasant, with white font against a mostly black background. The menu opens up with the Dictionary, which has common words in both languages listed alphabetically. Selecting a word gives opens up the meaning, the translation and an audio pronunciation button. Also on the menu are phrases, verbs and a quiz utility.

All in all, the app works well, so much so that I was dusting off my French quickly and in an enjoyable manner.

Ascendo Updates Spanish English Dictionary + with Expanded Tablet Support and More

Ascendo Updates Spanish English Dictionary + with Expanded Tablet Support and More

Sep 12, 2013

Ascendo, the studio behind password app DataVault and a whole suite of English translation dictionaries just announced a major update to its Spanish English Dictionary + application for Android.

The new update adds support for tablets, an improved UI, and the ability to add custom words to the stock database of 250,000 translations. This makes the Spanish English Dictionary potentially even more useful as the ability to add atypical and regional slang words is now covered.

These are in addition to the speech-to-text functionality, conjugations, phrases and the quiz generator, all features geared towards improving retention.

We had an opportunity to review the Spanish English Dictionary + and Ascendo DataVault as well.