Dinosaur War Review

Dinosaur War Review

Nov 15, 2012

Dinosaur War (from heavyweight DroidHen) is an adventure that will make you fall in love with dinosaurs. And why not? With the land in peril, it only makes sense to form alliances with the giants to “expel evil off the land.”

At the core of the game is the aptly named The Market, which stocks your seed items. I started off with some stone, which was cash (Fred Flintstone would have been scandalized) and got to work buying more stuff to get my community going. By stuff, I mean egg nests, pastures, mines (which produced more stone, so very crucial), decorative pieces, potions or the all-important crystals. A lot of the materials were level-specific, meaning I had to attain a certain level just to obtain. Each item had a purpose or a specialty, and was of a particular benefit to man or beast. For example, purchasing green palm trees helped me with protection and increasing set population limits.

Gameplay consists of shoring up supplies, “recruiting” dinosaurs and going to battle. Recruiting generally referred to raising my beasts in the presence of the right raw materials. Battles entailed me lining up to battle the enemy, and I inflicted damage by swiping rapidly on the enemy beasts. Won battles got me Experience Points (which in turn got me promoted to higher levels) and sometimes stone. Lost battles caused lost resources, like the aforementioned XP.

Dinosaur War gave out missions. Completing the missions garnered rewards. In this, I liked that different aspects of the game were intertwined. When did things right, we flourished; rushed or bad decisions hurt my community.

An Arena can be purchased to facilitate online play. I could challenge players for the rights to win eggs in online battles. While I thought some aspects in the game could have been defined a bit better (like battles), I thought that the online features made up for it.

All in all, Dinosaur War proves that it has the juice to be a cross-generation favorite.