Disney Interactive Launches Live Movie-Inspired Cinderella Free Fall

Disney Interactive Launches Live Movie-Inspired Cinderella Free Fall

Mar 12, 2015

Disney is bringing a new game to Android called Cinderella Free Fall.

The game is the third title in the Disney “Free Fall” series of games, coming on the heels of Frozen Free Fall and Maleficent Free Fall.

In Cinderella Free Fall, players will transform into the most iconic princess of all time, connecting and matching butterfly jewels on an epic journey through the kingdom.

Players will begin as young Ella, following her story and progressing through 100 levels to see her stunning transformation. To make matches, players will connect strings of same-colored jewels. They can create longer lines to unleash ‘Wish Magic’ for powerful effects, and can connect jewels in a circle to release even more exciting combos. Cinderella’s lovable animal friends Gus and Jacqueline will join the adventure along the way, lending a helping hand in the more challenging levels.

Cinderella Free Fall is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

Disney’s Club Penguin Releases Android App

Disney’s Club Penguin Releases Android App

Dec 19, 2014

Disney Interactive has released an Android app for its virtual world for kids Club Penguin.

The new app looks to bring the best of Club Penguin — games, exploration, social interaction and more — to kids in a mobile, safe manner. Kids can play games to earn virtual money, take part in parties that refresh every month, explore the entire virtual island, and adopt “puffles” amongst other activities.

Additionally, there is a premium tier that can be accessed via in-app purchase. This “membership” tier allows for extended features, like extra personalization and customization abilities.

It is pertinent to note that to mark the new release, Disney is offering a complimentary gifting month of membership (for friends) to folks that purchase a month.

One month of membership runs for $7.99, three months cost $19.99, and six months costs $39.99.

The app (sans membership) is free on the Play Store.

[Source: Disney Interactive Press Release]

Cars: Fast as Lightning Review

Cars: Fast as Lightning Review

Oct 22, 2014

When it comes to movie games, we’re all victims here. But sometimes, when a developer really takes time to produce something nice, it can work out for everyone. Enter Cars: Fast as Lightning.

The Cars movies have been loved and praised by many of us. I for one only saw the first entry in the film, and I liked what I saw. But this game is a kind-of direct sequel to the second movie within the franchise. And therefore, we see our buddy Lightning with his buddy Mater, whom I didn’t knew up until this point. But that’s okay: what really matters is your goal: trying to rebuild Radiator Springs. (Because apparently, there were some problems — the game assumes you know all this.)


So here we have the first part of the two major gameplay pillars: rebuilding a whole town. And just like other town building games, there are simple controls and those nasty waiting bars. And yes, they go faster when you pay real life money. But, even though I had to wait quite some time now and then, I was glad to see that you are able to play the whole game, without spending any money. That way, I felt safe when my little four year old nephew was playing the game on my Nexus 5. I was even able to turn the IAP off, completely.

But how do you unlock everything, without paying up? Well, by playing the race sections of the game and earning some shiny gems (which are buyable). The races are quite simple: you hold down the gas peddle and let it go in a skid, only to press it again when you’re out. It kind of resembles the old electric cars on a track idea (you know, the ones where you hold a controller with one button). Things you can unlock are several Radiator Springs landmarks, like the Luigi’s Tire shop, Cassa Della or Flo’s V8 Cafe.

Besides the fact the game offers two distinctive popular game mechanics under one roof and the feature to turn of IAP, Cars: Fast as Lightning looks amazing. It really sets up the bar for mobile games and gives that authentic Pixar movie feeling the movie gave me. So, yeah, it is safe to say that this is one of the best Cars games out there and it’s awesome it is on Android.

Star Wars: Assault Team Coming This Spring…Unless You’re in a Lucky Country That Gets it Early

Star Wars: Assault Team Coming This Spring…Unless You’re in a Lucky Country That Gets it Early

Jan 28, 2014

Disney Interactive has announced the upcoming Star Wars: Assault Team, a card-based battle game. Featuring characters from the original trilogy, players will amass an army of characters from the Rebel Alliance and take on missions throughout settings of the three movies. The game is soft launching in some international territories on Android; we’re using the Force to figure out just where, before the game’s spring launch.