Indie Developer Terry Cavanagh Debuts on Android with Don’t Look Back and the Upcoming Super Hexagon

Noted indie developer Terry Cavanagh, most known in the gaming world for creating VVVVVV, is starting to release some of his games for Android. First is a short 2009 title called Don’t Look Back, a mysterious monochrome game that has players surviving tricky platforms and wild animals, for a purpose that seems unclear at first but unfolds throughout the game. The game is extremely challenging, and it isn’t helped by the tiny virtual buttons on the screen on high-resolution phones. It’s worth sticking with to experience it, and it’s got plenty of challenge along the way. It’s available for free from Google Play.

That’s really just the start, as Super Hexagon, his mobile revamp of Flash title Hexagon is making its way from iOS to Android. The game will support a limited but popular set of resolutions natively, as according to his tweets (which he later clarified to add in 1280×720 for the modern Galaxy line of phones), while the rest will scale. The game is an incredibly-challenging survival title that I rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on 148Apps. This is one to look forward to. No release date yet, but Terry Cavanagh works in Flash (and Don’t Look Back appears to have been a test release for Flash to Android) so it could be coming soon-ish once all the bugs are stamped out.