Dots Review

Dots Review

Aug 20, 2013

Dots, dots… and more Dots.

There are two flavors of play, which come as a timed 60 second rush for a points and a more relaxed mode based on a finite number of moves. The gameplay gets straight to the point, too: connect dots of the same color. Gesture-based controls facilitate the connections via swiping; as soon as the finger is lifted off the screen, the connected dots are removed from the screen, the raw count of removed dots is tallied and they are replaced by new, random dots hat fall from the top of the screen (just like in Bejeweled). dots1

The key, as noted, is to connect as many same-colored dots as possible. Because of the constant cascading, what seems like a good move a nano second earlier may not clear as many dots as it could have because of the new positioning. And not so fast… it is not as simple as just drawing lines through dots to clear them; diagonal formations can’t be connected. Lines that run through right angles can also be made.

Closing squares is the key move, as a connected square not only clears the connected dots, but all apps of the same color, thereby potentially increasing one’s point haul significantly. This creates an opportunity for some limited strategy of trying to create square-making opportunities.

Every run with completed dots earns dot cash; these dots can be used to purchase power-ups that help to accumulate points. Another fun aspect is the trophy/recognition element, with which the game awards points and a trophy for specific thresholds (like games played or number of squares made in a round). Little things like that make the game that much more enjoyable, and keep players engaged. The social networking functionality and leaderboards serve the same purpose.

The graphics are utilitarian, with the grid colorful dots super-imposed on a a stark white background. The animation connections work well, and the game has clean look overall.

Dots is a fun game that is shockingly addictive, and proof simplicity is always something to be aimed for.