Free App Recap October 2nd: Dropbox Apps

Free App Recap October 2nd: Dropbox Apps

Oct 2, 2012

Dropbox is arguably the most popular cloud storage out there. While the service itself is great, adding functionality when using it from an Android phone can make Dropbox even better. Syncing Dropbox with the microSD card is the most common add-on available in the Google Play Store. The list below are three different types of add-ons for Dropbox; one for security, one for downloading and one for syncing.


Dropsync is the perfect application for syncing Dropbox files to the microSD card. Many settings are available to choose how often files are synced. The main reason this is a great is because it works like desktop software; The sync is 2-way. A 2-way sync means any files saved or uploaded to the memory card will be synced with the Dropbox cloud. Without this all the files that need to be manually uploaded. A time saving and convenience feature if nothing else.

Download Dropsync

Downloader for Dropbox

Downloader for Dropbox is a application to download to add convenience. A feature not available in the Dropbox for Android application, is the option to download an entire folder to the microSD card. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, not being able to download multiple files at once can be a big inconvenience. For example, if Dropbox is used to transfer an entire album of music to the memory card, being able to transfer the entire folder at once will save a lot of time.

Download Downloader for Dropbox


BoxCryptor adds security to files stored on a memory card and synced with Dropbox. It should be noted BoxCryptor also works with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. All of the action is done on the phone so the password to decrypt the files is never transmitted. This is an added security measure in case anybody tries to snag the information being transmitted.

Download BoxCryptor