Business Calendar Pro Review

Business Calendar Pro Review

Aug 28, 2012

The business world revolves around time. Because of the need for careful planning of the day, having the best possible calendar app for Android is essential. In my opinion, for the users of Google Calendar or a Calendar hosted by Google, Business Calendar Pro is the best calendar app out there.

Most calendar apps will sync with a Google Calendar. What happens though is some of the features do not transfer over to mobile or the Android calendar is harder to use… This where Business Calendar Pro excels. The feature well worth the price of admission is the ability to drag and drop appointments. While this doesn’t seem like it would save a lot of time, moving appointments this way is a big time saver. No need to go into each appointment and fiddle with the dates and resend notifications of the changed meeting. Drag the appointment where it needs to be then BAM! Everything is changed.

Another unique feature is the way Business Calendar Pro handles the transition of the views. From Month to Week view, drag a finger across the week. The default week view will be 7 days. When the need arises to see more or fewer days, a swipe along the bottom of the screen will add or lessen the amount of days shown. As few as one day or as many as 14 days can be viewed in this view.

When multiple calendars are used, Business Calendar Pro knows not all of the calendars need to be viewed all of the time. The option is given to sync and view a large number of calendars. The cool part is, at the bottom of every calendar view is a row displaying all of the visible calendars. With a quick tap, a calendar can be hidden.

My only wishlist item for Business Calendar Pro is to integrate Google Tasks in there somehow. If that could happen, the app would be unstoppable.