Drag Racer World Review

Drag Racer World Review

Aug 8, 2012

Drag Racer World is a game about a world that I do not necessarily find myself immersed in: drag car racing. Maybe it’s because I drive a particularly lame jalopy, or my general distaste for driving in general (I don’t trust other people in high-speed death machines!) but I like my car games to be as unrealistic as possible!

But something else drew me to Drag Racer World: cross-device cloud saves. That is what this does extremely well: by linking up to Facebook, progress will carry from device to device, even across the vast landscapes of iOS and Android. Challenging other racers is a seamless cross-platform experience as well, with zero indication given when challenging a racer if they’re on the same platform.

As far as how the whole thing plays, the goal is to rev up the engine before starting, trying to hit the shift line perfectly. Then, it’s about shifting gears at just the right time to ensure proper acceleration, to try and nudge ahead of the other car at the finish line. There’s a single player mode where CPU opponents with increasingly-better cars can be challenged, and an asynchronous multiplayer mode where players can race their friends and online strangers.

The concern to me was that the game felt like it came down to one element, ultimately: could I get that perfect start off the line? It’s such a difficult thing to do consistently, but doing it properly helps make victory a lot easier. The pressure of the energy mechanic, which allows for about 10 races per hour, makes it difficult to get it right when so few sessions can be done in a short period of time. Having the turbo boost ability there as a practical “instant win” button is very tempting as well. But that’s the world of free-to-play games: gotta find some way to tempt the player to spend some money!

There is the ability to tune the gear ratios and other advanced car options; as someone who is actually not a car geek, I have no clue how exactly any of this is supposed to work. As such, I leave it alone because I always think I’m messing something up. Maybe this is a feature just meant for people who know what they’re doing, but why not have some kind of tutorial to explain it?

I will say that beyond my initial curiosity about cloud saves, I had some fun with Drag Racer World. Even though I still have zero clue about the whole tuning thing, upgrading my car was fun, and being able to play on whatever device I felt the whim to use? That’s also extremely satisfying. The core gameplay is simple, yet that also makes it easy to pick up on – this is certainly an entertaining-enough diversion.