Creative Mobile roars to 200 million game installs

Creative Mobile roars to 200 million game installs

Aug 13, 2014

Well known developer Creative Mobile announced this week that it has broken 200 million game installs… a huge number. The company also celebrated its 4th birthday at the same time. They grow up so fast. Creative Mobile’s most popular game is Drag Racing with 120 million installs. Drag Racing comes in both bike and car related flavors and the player can race supercars or download Drag Racing 4×4 for some interesting SUV vs truck action. With a strong range of games it is certain that Creative Mobile will only continue to grow.


Drag Racing 4×4 Review

Drag Racing 4×4 Review

Aug 28, 2013

Drag Racing 4×4 is an interesting racing saga adventure from Creative Mobile.

The graphics are a utilitarian affair; i won’t pretend that I did not wish for more pop, but it worked well, and the animations worked without stuttering. The main race screen has two-car raceway drawn to perspective, with my car in the foreground. At the top there is the entire race in silhouette form, and this allows the racers to see position of the cars in relation to one another even when they are both not in the main frame.

With regards to the action, the controls are fairly easy to understand… almost too easy: a gas pedal, a gear shift and, when appropriate, a nitro toggle. I did like the racing mechanism; he developer did a decent job of wrapping up drag1racing concepts into touch controls.

For example, revving up the car and “warming” the tires was key to getting a good jump at the beginning of the race. Visually, this is represented by a realistic-looking RPM with a green area. Tapping on the gas pedal and keeping the needle in the green helps with the initial jump; it takes a little practice to get this right, too. Subsequently, changing gears optimally helps win races. To effect this, the gear shift is used; there is, again, a green area that represents the best time to shift; when the gear button is tapped at the perfect time, a perfect shift occurs, and the game gives a visual acknowledgement of the achievement. No steering really occurs, and the only other consideration is the use of power-ups (like nitro) and garnering cash to upgrade the base vehicles for battles with tougher racers.

The gameplay is laddered, and higher levels are unlocked by winning earlier and easier ones. I like the in-game purchasing system, as money gained from racing can be put back into the car to improve looks and performance. The career mode is compelling, and races can be repeated to gain more money, which is good, because the stock car goes only so fast as-is. Thankfully, the in-game store is chock-full of options that can be procured with cash, real and virtual.

All in all, it’s a fun game that is easy to learn and enjoy.