Heroes of Dragon Age Review

Heroes of Dragon Age Review

Dec 16, 2013

EA promised mobile users that it would go to a free to play model for its new strategy. They’ve stuck to that philosophy throughout this year, with mixed results. While titles like Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Fifa 14 were well received by many as free to play titles, other games such as Madden 25 on mobile devices were met with tons of criticism and typical venomous accusations. Even at the end of the year, EA has not wavered from this new direction in EA’s post-John Riccitiello era, of offering all of their mobile titles as free to play. Their newest launch, Heroes of Dragon Age, is no exception, continuing on EA’s mobile vision of free to play.


Yet another attempt by EA to cash in with mobile users on one of its successful franchises, Heroes of Dragon Age is a collectible card game that feels very familiar. Utilizing game elements seen in other CCGs such as buying cards, combining cards, etc, the game feels as though you’ve played it before, but with a touch of Ferelden lore mixed in. But what may kill this game for some people is the fact that the player does not control the combat whatsoever; the player’s involvement is limited to creating the team of heroes, upgrading them, giving them runes and such.

Heroes of Dragon Age even feels vaguely familiar in the graphics department; not overblowing anyone with awesomeness, but isn’t downright awful. This title is optimized for tablets, though it will play on some of the bigger phones, such as the Galaxy Note or even S4, though it’s not advisable to do so. While the game’s imagery isn’t terrible, it’s nothing spectacular that makes one all giddy, especially for it being a Dragon Age game.


EA states that users should be able to finish this game without having to spend a dime. This title is pretty generous with its in-app purchases; not exactly handing you bundles of in game currency but giving you little freebees here and there to make the grinding seem worthwhile. It’d probably feel more worthwhile, however, if your roll in this game was something more than a squad regulator.

It’s sad that the mobile version of one of EA’s better franchises is so disappointing. The lack of any originality is what really makes this game really lackluster and kind of dull. All the tried and true free to play mechanics are all present in Heroes of Dragon Age, making it so any developer could’ve slapped any skin on this game they wanted and marketed it for that purpose. Heck, this could’ve been a Skyrim or Kingdoms of Amalur mobile game if you didn’t know any better. Grey Wardens are advised to look elsewhere for their source of entertainment.

Heroes of Dragon Age Now Available on Google Play

Heroes of Dragon Age Now Available on Google Play

Dec 6, 2013

Fans of the Dragon Age series rejoice, for EA has brought onto thee, Heroes of Dragon Age, upon thy Android marketplace.

The optimized for tablets RPG is based around the lore of the Dragon Age series and uses the free to play model. While EA has stated that all micro transactions are optional, and that a player can progress in the game without spending a dime, they nonetheless have set some pretty high bounties for the downloadable content, ranging anywhere from $2 – $7.

This title from EA is now available for free on the Google Play market.