Select Square Enix Games on Sale

Select Square Enix Games on Sale

Nov 30, 2015

There’s still time to avail oneself of the selection of Square Enix games that are discounted.

Final Fantasy III – $7.99
Final Fantasy IV – $7.99
Final Fantasy IV: After Years – $7.99
Final Fantasy V – $7.99
Final Fantasy VI – $7.99

Dragon Quest II – $2.49
Dragon Quest III – $4.99
Dragon Quest IV – $7.49
Dragon Quest VIII – $9.99

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Dragon Quest Review

Dragon Quest Review

Nov 14, 2014

If you’re in to old school RPGs and you haven’t played the first Dragon Quest, then you’re in for a treat.

Ah, the first Dragon Quest. Although I did not played it when I was young, I did manage to pick the game up later on. And as a RPG lover (especially turn-based ones), I loved what I saw and played. Now I that game is out on Android (for a very cheap price, I might add), I is time for everyone to relieve one of the classic and leading RPGs of all time. Well, if you’ve got the time, that is.


Because Dragon Quest is one of those first classical Japanese role-playing games. It provided players with countless hours of fun turn-based battles in a massive world to explore, while living the story the game’s developer told through hundreds lines of text. When the game first came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System, it was a first of its kind and later on became the fundamental base for one of the most loved RPG series ever.

This Android version contains everything what made the first game in the series so great. It has that typical storytelling of some youngsters that need to save the world, it has the classic turn-based gameplay where you could put a lot of strategy into and it has that feeling of a great adventure to experience. So the fundamentals are all there; how do does standards live up to today’s standards?

Well, you need to really want to spend time in the world of Dragon Quest. Granted being one of the best RPGs of all time, doesn’t mean it won’t feel like a chore to play. Sometimes you don’t know where to go or you need to grind some levels in order to move on, so it is really a matter of choices.

Just know what you’re getting yourself into, that is the advice I want to give to the newcomers or gamers who’ve never played the first entry in Dragon Quest. But if you’re up for the task, you won’t be disappointed – not even by the choice of digital controls.

Dragon Quest VIII Review

Dragon Quest VIII Review

Jun 24, 2014

Dragon Quest VIII is an enhanced version of one of the most beloved RPGs ever. Does it do the original justice?

Dragon Quest VIII is a fairly traditional western RPG. The player travels the world, visits towns, rights wrongs, chases the big bad and kills a whole lot of monsters while doing it. Battles use a familiar menu system and are random like in a lot of RPGs. Dragon Quest VIII is much like a Final Fantasy game, although the entire vibe of the game is very different.

Screenshot_2014-06-06-20-27-41Dragon Quest VIII combines a fairly traditional level up system with an interesting skill point system. When characters level up, they gain stats and more HP/MP as in most RPGs. They also gain a varying amount of skill points per level up. These points can be used to boost their skill in a variety of weapons each character can use. These range from attacks that ignore defense to basic damage boosts and even giving attack orientated character the ability to heal or buff the party. It is the player’s choice how to develop their characters and this gives a lot of flexibility with how to build your party.

Dragon Quest VIII is a nicely challenging RPG as well. Enemies are no pushovers in random battles and the game is full of enemies who put the party to sleep, poison them or just plain do a lot of damage. Lots of enemies can call for reinforcements or otherwise make battle harder compared to the more “attack, attack, attack, heal” cycle that Final Fantasy games fall into. Dragon Quest VIII makes you work for victory in most combat. The right equipment is also essential, as is allocating skill points to make use of that equipment. Dragon Quest VIII has a good learning curve and is always just hard enough without being too challenging.

<Screenshot_2014-06-20-10-08-18Dragon Quest VIII really delivers when it comes to the awesome characters in the game too. Each one of your party members is just full of life and have their own quirks and personality. The dialogue is very well written indeed and there isn’t a hint of poor translation. The way that Yargus spends the entire game talking in cockney is especially impressive; it’s lots of fun to read. The dialogue just tells the game’s story very well and there are lots of jokes and funny situations as well as emotional and touching ones. There is also a consult option in the menu; this lets the player talk to party members about a situation and is useful if the player is coming back to the game from a long absence and might be confused about where they’re going next.

In short, Dragon Quest VIII reads exactly like a high caliber RPG should. It is less serious than the typical Final Fantasy game while still being compelling and mature. This is a breath of fresh air after stuffy games like Final Fantasy 12 and 13. Instead of the umpteenth moody teen and collection of angry people, we have Jessica the feisty sorceress, Yargus the reformed bandit and Angelo the ladies’ man Templar among others. Just about everyone in a town has something interesting or funny to say. It feels a lot like the way RPGs used to be. Anyone who has played the Breath of Fire games will know what I mean.

Dragon Quest VIII really looks special. The graphics are a sight to behold. Characters are minutely detailed and just amazing to look at. The level of detail on clothing, hair and such is very impressive. Dragon Quest VIII’s world looks fantastic. The landscape is very pretty, with sun drenched grass bustling towns, leafy forests and there’s plenty of cool buildings and interesting locales to just gawk at. DQ8 really pushes the boundaries of an Android game hard.

The sound is similarly excellent. The music is amazing and some tracks in particular, like the soothing, bright tune for the Tower of Alexander are spine tingling and will get stuck in your head for hours. There isn’t a single dud track in the game, but this is hardly surprising as Square Enix is known for their musical prowess. Sound effects are a little quiet, but what’s there is excellent and there are even a few callbacks to the original Dragon Warrior, like the beeping when characters attack.

Dragon Quest VIII is a very long game and the game is so dense with places to explore and secrets to find that it will literally take months to see all there is in the game. The great characters and excellent plot will keep players hooked until the end. The lack of controller support is a bummer. Dragon Quest VIII is perfectly suited for playing on a television and an external controller would make this much easier.

Dragon Quest VIII is a practically flawless game. Its characters, plot and world fit together with its gameplay to create a level of polish and fun that is rarely seen nowadays. It is huge, compelling and clever and it is a must play for anyone who calls themselves a gamer.

Dragon Quest VIII for Android Incoming, and Gets its Own Phone from Sharp

Dragon Quest VIII for Android Incoming, and Gets its Own Phone from Sharp

Oct 16, 2013

In case you wondered just who is excited for the launch of Dragon Quest VIII on mobile devices, the answer is the Japanese.

So much in fact, that Sharp is developing a phone, based on the Aquous Phone Zeta, branded exclusively with Dragon Quest. Here are the phone specs:

  • 5-inch 1080 x 1920 resolution touchscreen display
  • 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • Android 4.2
  • Apparently water proof
  • Here is also some gameplay of Dragon Quest VIII on Android: