Dragon Season Review

Dragon Season Review

Dec 16, 2013

Dragon Season is a fun little arcade-like side-scroller from Right Pedal Studios.

Looks-wise, it’s a bit understated. It uses pastels well, and the playing area is simply conceived. For backstory, Nook the Dragon has to rescue kidnapped friends from the unfriendly King Jellyboo.

Controlling Nook is a wild ride. It moves by default from left to right on the screen, and a tap on the right side pops it into the air. Once in the air though, our friendly dragon is susceptible to gravity, and as such, is always pulled towards the ground when not manipulated. The trick to keeping the dragon airborne is to get just the right sequence of taps going, such that the creature is more-or-less jerking upwards to counteract the gravitational forces forcing it to the ground.

Going up is good; it allows the dragon to collect the gold coins and special treats that line the airspace. These drag1items follow non-linear trajectories, so dropping down in a controlled matter is all so important. When the obstacles start appearing, it is also key to be able to maneuver up and down in a proficient and timely manner. These obstacles look like castles emanating from the top (roof) of the living room and up from the bottom, and so with the natural movement of the dragon, it is quite the challenge to navigate through the obstacles collect coins and goodies and staying alive, as contact reduces the game life expectancy. Using a convenient (but exhaustible) blast button helps as well.

The overall goals are to collect as much gold as possible and travel the longest distance. Gold can be used to upgrade stuff like outfits, weaponry, shields and timed boosts, and while real cash can be used to speed stuff up, I didn’t find this mandatory.

All in all, it’s a whimsical game, with plenty of fun play available.

Dragon Season, the Endless Runner with Dragons: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Dragon Season, the Endless Runner with Dragons: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Sep 25, 2013

Dragons are big business. Khaleesi’s got her dragons, everyone else needs their dragons. Dragonvale is the biggest vale since Night Vale. Every social and free-to-play publisher has a dragon game out, like Kabam with Dragons of Atlantis and Game Insight with Dragon Eternity. Right Pedal Studios may not be a multinational conglomerate yet, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t leverage the power of dragons to their advantage. These are cute dragons, too: welcome to Dragon Season, showcased on our Video of the Day.

This is a free-to-play endless runner where players control a dragon that can fly in the air (but has no problem trodding along the ground like a boss) and shoot fire out of its mouth like a boss. Also, like a dragon. Along the way, the dragon picks up friendly folks across the four seasonal landscapes to do missions that can help the ol’ dragon level up and buy new upgrades, like boomerang fire. That’s totally safe.

Dragon Season is free on Google Play, and you can watch some gameplay and the seasonal transition below.