Loot Hero Review

Loot Hero Review

Feb 21, 2014

Loot Hero is a simple game from VaragtP that matches simple sidescrolling fun to delightfully retro graphics.

It’s all about being a hero and defeating dragons. It uses a purposefully grainy 2D motif to highlight the action.

The gameplay is your basic side running fare: left to right running action — with a twist — facilitated by touching the right side of the screen. The goal is to dispatch the goons by depleting their life bars, all while keeping that of our protagonist runner up. Dispatching baddies and collecting goodies yields gold coins and action points that help leveling up. The twist is that it is also possible to run from right to left, which is great, since it allows for the player to go back and dispatch the baddies that regenerate after being destroyed. This yields even more rewards, and is a great way of doubling up on benefits.loot1

The bad guys start off being simple enough, but increase in ferocity as progress is made. At frequent junctions, and upgrade shack appears, which allows the player to upgrade attributes so as to combat these fighters more effectively. Things like attack power, defense and speed can be up upped via accumulated gold, and gives the player a bit of control with regards to how resources should be expended. At the end of stages, there is a boss of sorts, and these generally culminate in dragon which is usually (and expectedly) especially hard to defeat; this is where being able to go back becomes useful. For the truly competitive and/or impatient, real money can be utilized via in-app purchase.

My biggest gripe is that despite the continual changing of enemies, the game starts to feel a bit monotonous after the first few level-ups. No, we don’t expect runners to be overly complex in structure, but I think this one could use some more elements.

It’s fair game, well worth a free-to-play try.

Dragon Academy Is Released

Dragon Academy Is Released

Sep 27, 2013

Dragon Academy 2

Today, Team Chaos announced a release of its new puzzle-based adventure game, Dragon Academy. It’s released pretty much everywhere, including Android. Dragon Academy can be simply described as Bejeweled with level-ups, which is more than enough to get me interested. It is available for download from the usual place: Dragon Academy on Google Play.