Jul 3, 2015

DRIFT SPIRITS seems to be the type of game that could allow one to live life on the edge. Digitally.

At its core, it’s a 1v1 drag racing game with an emphasis on drifting. Competitors go toe-to-toe on curved race track that are all but built to encourage oversteering, and the idea is to level up and get rewards to improve one’s car and progress as far as possible.

The game opens up easily enough, with an AI-driven tutorial that is primarily hands-on. One gets to pick a a car, and get lessons in how to control the car. The controls are virtual, and a bit surprising, in that there is no steering to be had (despite the virtual steering wheel to the bottom right); the control set has more to do with timing… at least at first. To explain, revving the car up takes a degree of precision to get the best jump off, and the drifting procedure involves looking for the right target point to tap the steering wheel to activate the skill. The same sense of timing is required to “release” the car. Doing it too early and just a bit too late throws off a progress, and as these are relatively short races, mistakes can be costly.


Performance yields game cash payouts as well as performance points; the former can be used to improve vehicles and accumulate valuables, while the latter helps with the aforementioned leveling. Additionally, winning races allows for one to gain pieces dropped by the opponent, which can help with improvements and/or boosts. One example is nitro; using this tool at the right time can be the difference between a win and a loss.

It’s a fairly logical game that gets straight to the point and manages to hold the interest past the initial stage. It gets harder, obviously, with boss meetings and budding rivalries. The dialogue loses something in translation, and it does feel formulaic in parts, but it works as a time-waster, especially in story mode.

Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift Arrives on Google Play

Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift Arrives on Google Play

Apr 7, 2015

There’s a new cart racing game in town, and it’s called Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift.

Hey drifters! Jump in your seat to experience the Razor Crazy Cart (2014 Outdoor Toy of the Year) by playing this Rhythmic Infinite Drifter! You can:
* Drive forward or backward, spin and drift like a pro to avoid the obstacles that get more challenging over time
* Infinite, randomly generated tracks ensure you never play the same game twice
* In Crazy Cart mode, you speed up, spin around and drift your way through obstacles and multiply your coins faster.
* Sync your moves to the arrows and activate Crazy Cart mode faster.
* Use your 360-degree spin (swipe down) to knock lighter obstacles out of the way
* Pick up power-ups along the way to earn extra coins and get further easily.
* Compete with your friends by sharing your high scores on Facebook and access Global Leaderboards with Game Center.
* Buy extra power-ups in the shop (or earn them by playing) and use them as multipliers to get further in the game.
* Come back every day and win some awesome in-game prizes.
Stay tuned for updates for some great upcoming content and remember drifters, you are now entering a Make Believe Virtual World, enjoy your real Crazy Cart but Keep it off the Public Roads!

The game is free to try on Google Play.

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws Review

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws Review

Oct 18, 2013

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is the latest in the series of Drift Mania games by Ratrod Studios, with the scene shifted to street racing. But is it worth playing?

There isn’t much content available without a lot of gameplay in Drift Mania: Street Outlaws. From the start of the game one car and one track is unlocked. Unlocking additional tracks is far from a simple task. For each track you can race on there are a number of achievements, such as drifting a certain distance or finishing in a time limit. Once enough of these are achieved, the next track is unlocked. Cars can be bought at any time, but are very expensive.

Screenshot_2013-10-12-12-52-41Once on the track, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is a fairly basic racing game, albeit with a focus on drifting. Drifting well and racing fast awards you points, while driving off the track or hitting walls takes them away. Scores can be uploaded to global leaderboards or shared on social networks. Getting higher scores earns you slightly more money as well.

Disappointingly, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is just not a fun game. The racing feels hollow and boring, featuring none of the speed or finesse of games like Real Racing or the Asphalt series. The game has no real atmosphere and mindlessly lapping a track while doing lot of sliding isn’t really enjoyable. Cars tend to go from solid traction to none rather too quickly. Anyone who has played a good rally or drift racing title knows that the feeling of being on the edge of control, but skilled enough to keep the car sliding is what makes games like this fun. DM:SO fails in this regard.

Unfortunately the problems continue for Drift Mania: Street Outlaws, as it has some poor controls. The game’s control is so heavy and imprecise that it is hard to turn with any kind of grace. Fine control is nearly impossible.

Screenshot_2013-10-12-11-06-30DM:SO also has a very unbalanced money system. While you can buy any car or track in the game with in game money, it’s nigh on impossible to do so. Finishing a race earns you about $100. The third cheapest car in the game costs $11,250. There is just no way to make progress at more than a glacial pace unless you spend real money.

Graphically, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws isn’t much to look at. While it certainly isn’t a bad looking game the car models are quite boxy and the game’s environments just pale severely compared to other racing games available.

While engine sounds are good and the music is tolerable, the game does a fairly lousy job at conveying how much traction your tyres have though sound. Anyone who’s played a racing game for any length of time will be able to “feel” how close their car is to losing traction completely via the sound the tyres make. For a game as centred on drifting as DM is, the lack of good tyre feedback sound is a rather large oversight.

Ultimately, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is not a good game. Its racing action isn’t very interesting, its money system is annoying and there are just so many better racing games on Android.