Drive in the Line Review

Drive in the Line Review

Jun 19, 2014

One of the new fads on Google Play of this moment, are games where players need to guide a something between lines. In this game, it’s a car between both sides of the deserted road. If players fail… Well, then the car explodes. So, yeah.


There is something about games that are very simple and really hard at the same time. Drive in the Line is one of those games. In Drive in the Line, players drive their way through an endless desert apocalypse. Somehow, the driver of the car is stranded somewhere on earth where there is nothing but an endless, ever changing road that leads to virtually nowhere – with only one goal in mind: just keep in driving and don’t look back. Now, a premise like this surely sounds interesting, and it is in its own way. Players take control of the driver’s car and need to help him navigate the endless road ahead of him. Since this is a high score based game, and games are generally short by nature, this game soon went from ‘this is nice’ to ‘I need to set a new high score’. Because, when one plays this game, it is something that will play in their minds. Mainly because players know they can do it.

Something completly left unexplained is the reason why this road is so hard to navigate. Sometimes, players just need to drive ahead, drive in a small curved turn. But more than once, there is a sharp turn. And another. And another. And than it’s game over. It is as frustrating as it is the charm of this game. And control is everything at those thight moments. The car drives by itself and is only able to steer left or right. Players use only one on-screen analog stick to make those nasty turns and it works very well. But it still remains a very hard game. In fact, one of the last updates of the game, made the game a bit easier than it used to be. And I can only say that I’m very glad with that decision, because it made to game much more playable by being a bit more forgiving towards its players. The graphics of the game are nothing special, being themed as a apocalyptic race game it robbed itself from being colorful and vibrant. And the sound is just awful.

But at the end of the day, Drive in the Line shows way this type of games are the new fad on Google Play Store. It is as simple as it is addictive and the controls a more than okay to handle the car. And let’s not forget the recent update that made the game a bit more forgiving towards its players. Thank you, game makers.