Root Explorer update extends Dropbox interoperability

Root Explorer update extends Dropbox interoperability

Jun 2, 2017

Premium file management utility Root Explorer is getting an update that adds some welcome fixes, especially for those of its users that also rely on Dropbox.

Version 4.1.4 reportedly updates Root Explorer code so that app works with Dropbox’s new API.

Specifically (per Google Play):


Version 4.1.4
• Updated Dropbox code to use their v2 API. This update is essential for all Dropbox users in order to keep Dropbox functionality working after June 28th.

Root Explorer is an app we really got to enjoy when we formally tried it.

It costs $3.99 on Google Play; there is also a free version available for folks who would like to get their toes west before diving in.

[Our Root Explorer Review]

Adobe Acrobat Reader adds Dropbox compatibility via update

Adobe Acrobat Reader adds Dropbox compatibility via update

Apr 1, 2016

Adobe Acrobat Reader, the respected pdf reading utility for Android devices, is getting an update.

Key in this update is the new ability of the app to work with another well known app: Dropbox.

Now, users can save and access documents in Dropbox, allowing for more integrated processes that can involve across like annotations, etc.

More specifically (per Google Play):

What’s New


Connect your Dropbox account to Acrobat Reader so you can:
– Browse and open your files.
– Annotate, edit and sign PDF files.
– Save changes back to Dropbox.
– View file listing for linked accounts.
– Share Dropbox files directly from Acrobat Reader.
– Manage linked accounts. 

Go full screen when reading on smaller devices with Immersive mode.
Improve text handling with new selectors and enhanced touch sensitivity.

The app remains free on Google Play.

Dropbox to Retire Mailbox App in Early 2016

Dropbox to Retire Mailbox App in Early 2016

Dec 10, 2015

Right on the heels of announcing the imminent sunsetting of Carousel earlier this week, Dropbox has just dropped word that it will be shutting down Mailbox, the email utility it acquired in 2013.

It is scheduled to go in February 2016.

When the Mailbox team joined Dropbox in 2013, we shared a passion for simplifying the way people work together. And solving the email problem seemed like a strong complement to the challenges Dropbox was already tackling.

But as we deepened our focus on collaboration, we realized there’s only so much an email app can do to fundamentally fix email. We’ve come to believe that the best way for us to improve people’s productivity going forward is to streamline the workflows that generate so much email in the first place.

We know saying goodbye to Mailbox will be hard for many. To help make the transition to a new email client easier, we’ve created guides and export tools. For more specifics around how we’ll be winding down Mailbox, please visit the Mailbox FAQ here:

Sad to see it go.

[via Mailbox Blog]

Dropbox Update Adds Undo Functionality via Update

Dropbox Update Adds Undo Functionality via Update

Oct 16, 2015

Dropbox continues to improve with its latest update, which brings the ability to undo the last action in the app and performance improvements.

Dropbox remains free on Google Play.

Dropbox Gets Batch Operations and More via Update

Dropbox Gets Batch Operations and More via Update

Sep 11, 2015

Everyone’s favorite cloud storage service is giving its Android port some new features.

Per the Google Play app page, folks that use Dropbox for Android can now select and act upon multiple files simultaneously. This batch operation functionality is a great usability enhancement.

Also, it is now possible to copy any file and folder in Dropbox.

Lastly, Dropbox has renamed the Favorites folder to a more accurate “Offline files” moniker. It retains the functionality, chief of which is the ability to access files therein offline.


New in 3.0.3
• Select multiple files at once to easily perform batch actions!
• Now you can copy any file or folder in your Dropbox.
• We renamed Favorites ‘Offline files,’ but kept the same convenient functionality: Access Offline files on the go, even without a connection.

Dropbox remains free on Google Play, and the current update is rolling out now.

[via Google Play]

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android Gets Update, Adds Dropbox Functionality

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android Gets Update, Adds Dropbox Functionality

Nov 19, 2014

As previously hinted, Microsoft Office Mobile, the official companion application for Android devices, is getting an update — and a welcome update it should be.

The latest build brings Dropbox functionality to the mobile office suite. Now, MS Office Mobile users can add and manipulate documents in the popular cloud service option.

The move seems to underscore Microsoft’s commitment to providing services to folks irrespective of supporting tools individuals use; Dropbox competes with MS’s own SkyDrive cloud service, but seems be willing to add Dropbox compatibility as another feature.

The update is rolling out now, and the app remains free on the Play Store.

DataVault Password Manager Review

DataVault Password Manager Review

Oct 15, 2012

I sometimes feel as if I live life password to password. Blame it on the internet age; we all seem to be heavily connected. The web has become our centralized conduit. To keep our pathways safe, we have all learned to use passwords.

And the term “password” has long since stopped an effective gatekeeper. I have hundreds of web portals that I access. Some hourly, some every blue moon, but access is important enough to retain the passwords. So, I have to have access to these websites with secure, unique passwords, and I cannot afford to use one across the board. Even more crucially, I have to have access to these passwords on the go.

DataVault Password Manager looked to fill that void.

DataVault brings Ascendo Inc’s cross-platform password management chops to bear on Android. At the core of the system is the handheld component. The data entry was straightforward, with plenty of templates to guide. I found that customization was not an afterthought; even the icons set allowed for imports of images. And since security should be of essence, I appreciated the toggle-able security and log-in attempt controls. Too many guesses of the master password initiated destruction of the local database.

For me, it’s pointless to have a password repository without a reasonable backup alternatives. I thought the developers did a great job here, allowing data to be saved to SD card or backed up to the cloud via Dropbox. DataVault also does backup and restore operations from within the app, making it easy for me to have access to my data even if my device crashed. Additional features are the ability to login and even dial numbers from within the application. I also used the password generator, which allowed for the creation of passwords with uniquely customizable attributes.

On its own, as a handheld standalone app, DataVault feels mature and very functional. But when paired with the optional desktop software — available for Windows and Mac — even more functionality is unlocked. With syncing over local wi-fi and/or Webdav (which allows for sync with, I found DataVault to be close to the perfect solution. The ability to manipulate entries from my desktop, as well as having yet another backup option available if and when I needed it.

In addition, I liked that DataVault allowed for import of data from other programs. The files I moved over populated cleanly.

With more people going to the cloud for the semblance of universal access, I look to see more options for encrypted cloud syncing; Google Drive is a biggie (though, as noted, Webdav can be used with Still DataVault, with all of its functionality and simplicity, is an extremely compelling program that can easily, almost sneakily become indispensable.

Free App Recap October 2nd: Dropbox Apps

Free App Recap October 2nd: Dropbox Apps

Oct 2, 2012

Dropbox is arguably the most popular cloud storage out there. While the service itself is great, adding functionality when using it from an Android phone can make Dropbox even better. Syncing Dropbox with the microSD card is the most common add-on available in the Google Play Store. The list below are three different types of add-ons for Dropbox; one for security, one for downloading and one for syncing.


Dropsync is the perfect application for syncing Dropbox files to the microSD card. Many settings are available to choose how often files are synced. The main reason this is a great is because it works like desktop software; The sync is 2-way. A 2-way sync means any files saved or uploaded to the memory card will be synced with the Dropbox cloud. Without this all the files that need to be manually uploaded. A time saving and convenience feature if nothing else.

Download Dropsync

Downloader for Dropbox

Downloader for Dropbox is a application to download to add convenience. A feature not available in the Dropbox for Android application, is the option to download an entire folder to the microSD card. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, not being able to download multiple files at once can be a big inconvenience. For example, if Dropbox is used to transfer an entire album of music to the memory card, being able to transfer the entire folder at once will save a lot of time.

Download Downloader for Dropbox


BoxCryptor adds security to files stored on a memory card and synced with Dropbox. It should be noted BoxCryptor also works with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. All of the action is done on the phone so the password to decrypt the files is never transmitted. This is an added security measure in case anybody tries to snag the information being transmitted.

Download BoxCryptor

Dropbox Introduces Background Photo and Video Uploading to Android App

Dropbox Introduces Background Photo and Video Uploading to Android App

Feb 24, 2012

Dropbox has released an update to their Android app to automatically allow photos and videos to be uploaded to a Dropbox folder for easy access from the cloud storage service.

This is a similar functionality to what Google+ has, although it offers video uploading as well. When a photo or video is captured, it uploads invisibly in the background to Dropbox, making it available anywhere Dropbox is available, including computers and other phones. The upload can be configured to only upload on wifi or on mobile networks if so desired. The process is entirely invisible, there are no notifications that background uploads are in process or finished unless or until the “Camera Uploads” folder is checked. Users are given an extra 500MB after the first photo or video upload as a bonus for using the service. Still, high-resolution photos and videos will take up a lot of space, so this may help spur sales of higher-capacity Dropbox storage plans. The update to Dropbox is available from the Android Market now, and is a manual update due to new permissions required.