Super Duck Review

Super Duck Review

Jan 6, 2014

In Super Duck, ducks need a hero to free them. They get… Super Duck.

Backstory aside, the game looks and feels like a retro arcade game. There are several ducks in a state of distress, and the goal to lead them to freedom by facilitating their movement to the exit door, which is generally out of reach of the birds in some way.

To help the birds on, the first tool is the ability of our hero to pick up boxes. Said boxes can be moved, and can be used by the ducks to get over obstacles. There are air tubes as well, which can be helpful or hinder. The blocks can be used to block the holes, or even create access to them when needed. In some levels, the one step height of a box isn’t enough; it’s possible to create ladders by combining boxes.super1

The leveled gameplay does not remain stagnant. As the levels go on, so does the complexity. Stuff like doors, for instance, create a time sensitive scenario where boxes have to be moved around to get the ducks to the exit. The action button, nestled to the right of the screen, eventually becomes useful and key to solving levels. Even explosions get a role in this one.

The game graphics are an ode to the past, with subdued colors and suitably stilted animations. The different rescue locations are rendered effectively within the confines of the game. The controls are easy and sharp on tablets.

It’s free to play, so complaining about the perceived shortness of the game feels wrong, but wrong I’ll be. I’d love to see more levels. I do like the solutions, which assist with sticky spots. I would have preferred looser controls as well.

All in all, it’s another example of he concept of simplicity winning day, and the frills-free nature makes it well worth a look.