Dungeon Creep Review

Dungeon Creep Review

Feb 26, 2014

Dungeon Creep is a unique mix of party based RPG and puzzle game. As a party of four intrepid warriors with varied skills a puzzle like interface is used to explore the dungeon, grab treasure and kill as many monsters, or “creeps” as possible on the way.

Screenshot_2014-02-22-08-19-26Each dungeon has different treasures, ranging from magical armour to premium items that are usually only available with real money. Getting enough of the treasure completes the dungeon successfully. Each creep in the dungeon is susceptible to one hero’s attacks, neutral to others and strong against one. Creeps that are strong against a hero cannot be attacked by that hero and serve to block their movements.

Thus the idea is to use the strongest heroes against weaker enemies, while protecting the weaker one in your party from enemies they can’t defeat. Grabbing magical armor removes this weakness and lets any hero attack any enemy, while magical swords destroy all creeps around a hero. Potions also kill everything round a hero. Using these items is essential to beat the dungeon in the limited amount of moves provided.

Screenshot_2014-02-21-09-51-50While this gameplay idea is sound, a few glaring problems really take the shine off of Dungeon Creep. For one the game lacks any sort of campaign or story. Each game is only a one off game and there are no overarching goals. This is a real disappointment as a decent story or some strong characters would really improve the game.

Dungeon Creep is also incredibly easy. Regardless of what monsters are fought, heroes seem to take next to no damage from enemies. The multitude of healing items in the game are never needed.

Dungeon Creep has a lot of ads. Besides a banner ad at the top of the screen that constantly flashes, after every game another ad pops up to be dismissed. Since every game is only a minute or two long this gets very frustrating.

Dungeon Creep looks very plain. Despite the game’s claim of tasty graphics, Dungeon Creep for the most part is comprised of small 2D sprites and uninteresting animation. Some neat looking magic effects add some flair, but there is nothing in Dungeon Creep that stands out.

Soundwise, the game has some decent music and the sound of combat is nice and loud. The clicky sound creeps make as they move suits the feel of the game and spells sound decent enough.

Dungeon Creep is a game with a solid idea, but poor execution. An extended campaign, fewer ads and ratcheting up the difficulty would improve the game immeasurably. Worth a look and maybe a second look after a few updates.