Humble Bundle With Android 5 Offers Six Android Games to Support Charity and Developers

Humble Bundle With Android 5 Offers Six Android Games to Support Charity and Developers

Mar 5, 2013

The Humble Bundle is back for another round on Android. Changing prepositions from “Humble Bundle for Android” to “Humble Bundle with Android”, this bundle includes 6 games that are available on Android (some of which are available for the first time on the platform), that also come with DRM-free PC/Mac/Linux versions, Steam keys, and even their soundtracks. And of course, the bundle is pay-what-you-want, though there are benefits for paying more. Here’s the lineup this time around:

Beat Hazard Ultra: Like shoot ’em ups? Like your own music? Want to play a shoot ’em up set to your own music? Then Beat Hazard Ultra is the game for you. For more on this game, check out our recent review.

NightSky: This former IGF finalist game combines action gameplay with puzzle platforming in a dark, atmospheric universe. Published by Nicalis, this is the game’s Android debut.

Solar 2: “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” – Carl Sagan – this quote opens up the game and then sets you on that path, starting as a small asteroid that starts to become a giant planet. Good luck!

Dynamite Jack: Galcon creator Phil Hassey’s stealth-action game (with bombs!) makes its Android debut. Try to escape the mines which imprison you by using plenty of explosive firepower. Just don’t get caught. The game includes support for building your own maps and playing community maps as well.

Super Hexagon: Terry Cavanagh’s intense and extremely difficult survival game where the goal is to rotate around a hexagon, avoiding incoming hazards that come in at quick paces in 6 difficulties, all labeled as some variation of “hard” is included in this bundle for those who purchase above the average. The soundtrack is included as well, which is a welcome addition for those who enjoy Chipzel’s music but want to hear more of it than short snippets.\

Dungeon Defenders + All DLC: This one’s a relative oldie but a goodie: the tower defense and hack ’n slash hybrid that runs on Unreal includes all the DLC that’s been released for the Android version of the game, giving those who shell out above the average for the bundle the ability to enjoy the complete experience.

This bundle is available until Tuesday, March 19th at 1pm EDT. As always, the bundle can be split to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play, support the indie devs, and as a tip to Humble.