E3 2013: MOGA Announces New Power Series of Controllers

E3 2013: MOGA Announces New Power Series of Controllers

Jun 12, 2013

MOGA’s Pocket and Pro controllers are still relatively new, all things considered, but that doesn’t mean that they’re resting on their laurels. At E3, MOGA has announced the new generation of MOGA controllers, the Power series.

The Pocket Power fixes the key issues of the current MOGA Pocket, which is namely the lack of buttons. The joysticks on the Pocket Power will be clickable. Shoulder buttons will be added in addition to the triggers. As well, a d-pad will be added to the controller, which was missing before. This will definitely improve 2D MOGA games, as well as make the Pocket a feature-complete option, albeit still a secondary one to the Pro.


The Pro is getting a boost with the Power Pro model that will feature force feedback in games optimized for it. The vibration appears to be powered by Immersion Haptics. Also worth noting on both controller models are new LEDs that appear to indicate multiple controller support.

These controllers are still in the works, but should be available in the Q3-Q4 (North American fall) timeframe.