Madden 25 Review

Madden 25 Review

Sep 27, 2013

Long-time fans of sport games will doubtlessly know of the Madden series. Beginning way back on the Sega Genesis with Madden 92, the series has since matured into a blockbuster, high budget series spanning more than two decades. The series is no stranger to mobile gaming and Madden 25 is no exception. But how does it stack up to its legacy?

Compared to its console brethren, Madden 25 doesn’t take itself too seriously. Rather than trading and signing actual players, you instead have a deck of cards on each team that represents your line-up. Each card has an overall rating reflecting their skill and ratings for their various attributes.

There are a lot of plays available with both a Basic and Pro setting for plays. The Basic setting divides the plays up into running plays, short passes and long passes, making the game much more accessible to people who don’t know much about gridiron. The Pro setting shows the normal categories for plays such as Nickel, Goal Line and other sets of plays named after American currency and firearms.Screenshot_2013-09-26-12-33-25

Some things in Madden 25 can only be bought or done with Madden Cash, the game’s premium currency. Madden cash lets you do things like refill your energy, buy new packs of players and even automatically win games. The game is still a lot of fun without spending money however.

Besides the Solo mode, where you make your way through a series of increasingly difficult challenges and games, there is also a Head to Head mode. You are matched with a random opponent. You then take turns doing an offensive drive. You simply play against their team which is computer controlled. Once you finish your offensive push you either score or turn the ball over and they take their turn.

There is also an auction house where you can bid on other players cards and sell your own. This is quite active there are always new actions and bidding wars.

Screenshot_2013-09-26-09-40-20When it comes to the actual football, Madden 25 is a mixed bag. Offense is simple and fun to play. Passing and running are simple. When you’re running with the ball you can execute many different manoeuvres from jukes to get around defenders to stiff arms to send the stunned opponent on a fanatic voyage to the ground.

Defence however is another story. While you can tap a player at any time to gain control of them this is fiddly and more than a little awkward and you rarely have time to switch to a useful player before the play is over.

Madden 25 has some great sound. Crunching tackles and plenty of speech give the game personality and the roaring crowd and some high energy music gets you in the mood to play some football.

Graphically Madden is quite impressive. Players are well detailed and neat little touches like after touchdown celebrations and players struggling and being pushed around in tackles really makes the game a pleasure to look at.

At the end of the day Madden 25 is a highly enjoyable game and certainly worth playing, especially for free.

Free Friday App Rundown December 7th – Card Games

Free Friday App Rundown December 7th – Card Games

Dec 7, 2012

Talking about card games instantly makes me think of a few different styles. And guess what, most of those styles are in this list. Some of the classics have multiple variations while other games require collecting cards and playing with others. Something nice about card games is they don’t require other people to play, they’re a staple of personal entertainment.

250+ Solitaire Collection

There really can’t be a list of basic card games without having solitaire in there. This is one of those games I was talking about where there’s multiple different variations. This one game alone, has over 250 variations of solitaire. I know this is one of the first games that I learned how to play when I was younger. I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to play more than 4 versions of solitaire, though.

Download 250+ Solitaire Collection

G4A Indian Rummy

Something unique about card games is everybody has their own little twist on the rules. The problem is when playing a computer game, or in this case it Android game, many times they played by the traditional rules. This particular Indian rummy game is like that. Boning up on the actual rules of the traditional version might be a good idea before starting to play this game getting angry.

Download G4A Indian Rummy

101 Drinking Games

People will turn pretty much anything into a drinking game. In fact, when I was following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Twitter, somebody turned the parade into a drinking game. So, for the days where creativity just isn’t happening, here’s 101 different card games to use as drinking games. Most of the time people have a deck of cards; if not, they’re only a couple bucks.

Download 101 Drinking Games

World Series of Poker

Poker is another one of those games a card game list would feel naked without. World Series of Poker is a game by EA sports. For those people trying to learn how to play poker, there’s a decent tutorial here. If interested, create an online account and play with people all over. In the beginning, there’s option to just play as a guest. This way all of the losses are not accumulated.

Download World Series of Poker

MARVEL War of Heroes

Think of MARVEL War of Heroes to be like a comic book turned into a card game. This battle card game features many of the most popular Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. in the style of other battle card games like the extremely popular Magic The Gathering, MARVEL War of Heroes is again to collect a unique deck of cards to better battle opponents.

Download MARVEL War of Heroes

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 Review

Jun 27, 2012

Golf, with its sprawling greens and peaceful streams, is about as far away as you can imagine from the hunched over cramped play of mobile game. Thrust into the armpit of a fellow commuter on an overcrowded rush-hour train, it can be hard to force a player to suspend disbelief, and believe that they truly are, in fact, Tiger Woods himself.

In other ways, golf games work rather well on the small screen. At its heart, golf is an incredibly simple game, and the arc of the club can be made quite effectively on a touch screen, without letting players blame the control system for their inevitable failings. It works well in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012: pick a club, aim approximately where you want the ball to go with a zoom out, and then swing on the touch screen. The area the player uses to swing goes from the top of the landscape phone screen to the bottom, and allows for a slight bend of the ball (by accident or not) if your swipe isn’t straight. If you go too far, your shot will suffer, which puts in just enough risk to reward ambitious players, while neatly replicating what happens when amateurs like me pick up a golf club in real life.

Putting is a similar affair, though EA have clearly realised it’s a bit harder to judge, so give the players a one-use per shot preview of where their putt will go. Doing so feels like the right call to me, allowing for some incredibly satisfying long shots, but understandably some players will scoff at the offer of help.

As you would expect from an EA product, the whole thing is nicely polished with great presentation, and all the licensing present and accounted for. There are plenty of courses to test yourself against, and along the way you earn money to improve your fully customisable golfing avatar’s skills and abilities. Money is quite satisfying to earn throughout the game as it rewards you for perfect fairway bound drives, immaculate green landings and placing well in tournaments. As well as individual courses, and the PGA mode, the game also lets you gamble your in-game money against ‘Tiger Challenges’, where you’ll be set a goal to beat, and greater riches if you manage it.

There are a few minor issues: mainly the longish loading screens between each hole, and the occasional animations that play between shots of proud/frustrated golfers reacting to their drive, but these are pretty minor in all. It would be unfair to complain too much about these: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 on Android offers players a enjoyable round of golf with plenty of replayability, and it’s nicely optimised for dipping in and out of. The “good walk spoiled” survives being shrunk down to a touch screen admirably.

Madden NFL 12 Free on Verizon VCAST Apps October 1st-3rd

Madden NFL 12 Free on Verizon VCAST Apps October 1st-3rd

Sep 30, 2011

Weekend time is football time. That might be why Americans love the sport so much. Americans also like free stuff, and Americans who like free stuff and football are in luck, if they’re Verizon subscribers. This weekend, going through Monday, Madden NFL 12 from EA Sports is available for free from Verizon VCAST Apps.. This is a full-fledged 3D Madden NFL game, replete with season and playoff modes for long-term play, and advanced control options available such as Action Control Time and Total Defensive Control. The game will be free starting on Saturday, October 1st, so Verizon owners may want to check this out. The game is available either by downloading it from VCAST Apps on selected devices, or by calling **MADDEN from a Verizon phone to download. While the game does support tablets and devices on 2.1, the phones officially supported by the update are the Incredible 2.2, Vortex 2.2, Continuum , Thunderbolt 2.2, Droid Pro 2.2, Fascinate 2.2, Incredible 2 2.2, Command, DROID Charge, Revolution 2.2, Droid X2 2.2, and Droid X2.3, so owners of devices not on that list may not be part of this offer. If it works, then leave us a note in the comments!

Hockey Nations 2011 Launches as Xperia Play Exclusive

Hockey Nations 2011 Launches as Xperia Play Exclusive

Apr 18, 2011

Hockey seems like the only sport I’ve ever been able to enjoy playing as a video game, with football coming in at a distant second. From the early days of Pong-style graphics to the EA Sports NHL franchise on the Sega Genesis, I’ve always been a fan of hockey games, especially in multiplayer mode. If you feel the same way, and you’re looking to pick up an Xperia Play, you might be excited to learn that Distinctive Developments are bringing Hockey Nations 2011 to Android as an exclusive to the gaming smartphone.

“We’re genuinely excited to be able to bring Hockey Nations 2011 to the first gaming smartphone, the Xperia Play,” said Nigel Little, Managing Director of Distinctive Developments. “The dedicated controls make the game even more of a joy to play and we look forward to giving Xperia Play owners everywhere a chance to experience this.”

Distinctive Developments say that they were listening closely to the fans when developing Hockey Nations 2011. The game will feature 6 modes, such as World League, Exhibition, multiplayer and more. The game will also feature an extensive selection of both international teams from the USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway and beyond, plus 40 customizable city teams. They’ve even included fighting, proving that they were listening to fans who clearly wanted this integral part of the sport in the game.

With the Xperia Play’s analog touch pad and digital buttons, not to mention the smooth, high-definition graphics backed by the Xperia Play’s powerful CPU/GPU combination, fans are sure to find an immersive, console-like experience. “Xperia Play’s gamepad brings a unique dimension to smartphone gaming,” said Steve Walker, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson. “Sports games are always popular on mobile, and we think Xperia Play owners will love the fast-paced action, fluid gameplay and stunning graphics of Hockey Nations 2011.”

Hockey Nations 2011 doesn’t yet support WiFi, however, it has been announced that it is coming very soon, giving players a full-featured multiplayer experience. Hockey Nations 2011 is now available on the Android Market for Xperia Play in Europe and North America.