Early Bird Review

Early Bird Review

Oct 17, 2011

The simple, multi-level bird flinging market had exploded after the meteoric success of Angry Birds. The reason Angry Birds is so successful is because of its incredibly simple gameplayand varied level design that offers nearly endless challenges with increasingly different methods of attack. While Early Bird cannot be considered just another Angry Birds clone, the similarities are there, which isn’t always a bad thing.

The goal here is simple enough: get your flightless blue feathered friend from where he is to the morning worm through a series of leaps and glides. You swipe in the direction you want the bird to go and the length of your swipe determines the power. This works easily enough when navigating around large areas but the system breaks down when small precise jumps need to be executed around the target. Too often your bird shoots away with power from some unknown source when all you need is to nudge it over a few inches.

Just like in Angry Birds there are a few level packs that each have about 75 levels in them. This gives the game an incredible amount of replay value because even without future updates the amount of levels here are insane. And this is a good thing because the simplistic gameplaycan get old quickly without some new wrinkles.

Unfortunately, on my HTC EVO 4G I had problems with the app not loading and just giving me a black screen. This happened about a third of the time and is extremely frustrating. Also whenever your bird gets close to the target the screen zooms in and presents you with this slow motion view. During this time the graphics don’t hold up and appear slightly pixelated. All that aside Early Bird is deffiently worth checking out if you’re into simple, addictive games similar to Angry Birds.