Edge of the World Review

What if pirates, rather than plundering the seas, decided to play games of shuffleboard using their ships and abilities in a contest to see who can avoid falling off the earth? This unique situation is the focus for Edge of the World, a fun new game by Central Core Studios.

Edge of the World plays a lot like a naval game of shuffleboard. The object of the game is to launch your ships along a lane of water marked with different scoring zones. At the end of the lane is a cliff; the literal edge of the world. The object is to get your ship as close to the edge as possible, into the highest scoring zone without falling off.

Screenshot_2013-10-30-06-01-31Because you’re playing with ships floating on water this isn’t as easy as it sounds. After you launch a ship, it remains on the playfield and must stay on its zone for you to keep the points, just like real shuffleboard. The other player can and usually will ram your ships off of the scoring zones and off the edge of the world if you aren’t careful.

Screenshot_2013-10-30-06-16-59Luckily, each captain has a power that helps them stay in the game. The starting captain can anchor one of his ships per round, making it harder to move. Ships next to the anchored ship are also more difficult to move so it’s possible to protect your whole fleet this way. Later unlockable captains have different abilities.

Several powerups can be bought with in game currency to tip the balance. While this may seem like it would unbalance the game, the use of powerups is quite rare online and if they are used it’s not too much of a disadvantage.

In game currency is gained by winning games and you can gain bonuses by playing skilfully as well. Generally, coins earned from a win are enough for 1 or two powerups and you never feel pushed to purchase the game’s IAP at all.

Edge of the World uses an asynchronous multiplayer mode, much like Words With Friends. You can take as long as you like to play your turn and the online multiplayer is very slick. Pass and play is also available, as is matches against the AI.

Edge of the World looks fantastic. Each ship and captain is very colourful and has their own personality and the playfield is very pretty, featuring nice shiny water and sunny beaches. The game’s animation is slick and smooth and there are never any framerate hitches.

Soundwise, the game’s music does a great job of driving home the nautical theme of the game. The sound effects are well done, with plenty of peaceful crashing surf, grinding wood as you ram into ships and ambiance. There is plenty of voice work as well.

Edge of the World is an excellent game. It is a perfect fit for mobile, a lot of fun and looks and sounds great. It’s a game anyone should play and enjoy.