Elevator Joe Review

Elevator Joe Review

Oct 31, 2013

Elevator Joe is a simple time management simulation game from Kuyi Mobile.

The pacing of the game is, in my mind, a feature. It starts out at a reasonable clip, with four levels. The 2D styling is used effectively here, with the rectangular floors stacked evenly, and the elevator cage, manned by Joe, on the leftmost part of the playing area. The elevator moves from floor to floor, up and down in a straight vertical path. Different people (chibizens) walk to the elevator from the right and when Joe gets the elevator to the floor where a person is waiting, the elevator automatically collects the person or persons waiting. Now each of these people had a floor number attached where they want/need to be dropped off; the key is to get everybody whether they need to go as quickly and efficiently and possible. ej1

Moving people around quickly keeps them happy; inefficiency leads to upset purple and a lack of tips. Good performances allow for nice chobani payment, chobanis being the money off this wacky world.

Stuff like the elevator capacity restriction alter the way the game can be played. Specifically, like real life elevators, the one Joe manages has a set number of people it can carry. Thus, there is some strategy that has to be attached to moving people and calculating the opportunity cost of jumping floors and people on the fly. Additionally, there are special characters that are change things, like red-hued, helicopter transported celebrities that demand even promoter movement than “regular” to be happy, or the yellow-tinged purple who distract and slow Joe down. The gameplay gets faster and more furious, with chibizens darting to the elevator from different floors and forcing quick thinking.

IAP is available to upgrade playing conditions and obtain short term boosts, but are not necessary; it is possible to play through and get chobani during the “natural” run of play.

Looks-wise, expressive colors and whimsically humanoid bodies make up most of the visuals. Yes, it is simple, but not necessarily silly. It could probably do with more definition, but is nice as-is.

Simplicity wins here. Fun game, can appeal to several age categories, is free and makes sense.

Did I say fun?