Jets – Papercraft Air-O-Batics Review

Jets – Papercraft Air-O-Batics Review

Oct 5, 2015

Paper planes. Iconic airline KLM. Jets – Papercraft Air-O-Batics.


In terms of its gameplay, it could be described as an endless flyer; on the surface, it feels like a three-laned adventure, but is goes a bit beyond that. The player is in charge of guiding a colorful paper plane, avoiding obstacles and collecting goodies along the way.jets3

It looks and feels simple enough, yes, but as noted, it has a few tricks under its sleeve; in most games of this type, one would expect to navigate sideways via gestures. The gestures do come into play, but come in 6 ways: three swipes deep and three swipes wide. This creates a multitude of travel lanes, and to be expected, these are necessary, as there are several reasons to use them in the manifestation of obstacles.

To visualize how it works out, the initial level is perfect to figure things out. The plane maneuvers through a cityscape, with vehicles, sky scrapers, doughnut trucks (yes, donuts) and more. The idea is to avoid as many obstacles as possible so as to travel as far as possible, and the visuals play a big part in framing the game, what with the use of perspective, muted color and animations that demand quick reactions. To start out, there are items to be collected, and the first our stamps. They line the playing area and serve as game currency. Collecting enough of these opens up the next level.

And the game progresses thus, with cumulative tasks the open subsequent levels. The tasks are interesting, and run concurrently with the collection of stamps. For instance, glancing off specially marked taxis entails doing so until the requested number is met. Hitting an obstacle ends the run, by the way, at which point one can use continues or just restart.

It is a simple affair, mostly self-contained, but relatively engaging. It has a bunch of simple enhancements, bonuses and power-ups, and even skins which can be bought and equipped from flying.

Sky Wings Review

Sky Wings Review

Apr 8, 2015

Flying games never get old, and that is only one reason we just had to give Sky Wings a try.

It’s a 2D game, with cheery colors and smooth animations. The developer makes it look engaging, with a bit of the whimsical added in for effect.

The gameplay boils down to an endless flying adventure. The protagonist plane travels from left to right, and the idea is to travel as far as possible without crashing. The trick is in not crashing obviously, as there are quite a lot of obstacles aimed at preventing long travels. The control mechanism defines progress and success. A gesture swipe up slides the plane into a higher lane, and the a swipe down pulls the plane down. Both actions happen in conjunction with the perpetual forward movement.


The obstacles are interesting and varied; you get “natural” outgrowtch like hills and cliffs which appear very quickly. They are fairly random, and every now and then, one finds caverns and single travel lanes to travel through. Making matters even more challenging is the fact that there are gold coins that line the airspace; these provide temptation and opportunity costs that can be exhilarating and dangerous at the same time. The obstacles get a bit more creative with distance too: planes traveling in the opposite direction, rain clouds, and more. There are also powerups that help to counter the dangers, like coin magnets, coin doublers and more.

The developer includes some nice elements which further the arcade feel, as evidenced by the in-app store, from which upgrades can be obtained with collected gold; the upgrades help extend the powerups. The game also incorporates missions which can be skipped. Real money can be used, but doesn’t feel necessary.

It comes together quite well. A tinge of the monotonous, maybe, but it works well in small morsels anyway.

Iron Man 3 Review

Iron Man 3 Review

May 9, 2013

Quick question: who’s the best butler in fictional history?

Did someone say Geoffrey from Fresh Prince? Phenomenal pick. Wadsworth from Clue? You can almost NEVER go wrong with Tim Curry. Benson from Soap/Benson? He practically created a comic foil. Alfred? Spartacus? Lurch?

Well, I take all those and raise you one J.A.R.V.I.S.

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you know of the media sensation known as Iron Man 3, the third installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series about the famous comic book billionaire playboy superhero. The cool thing that mobile gamers are beginning to see are tie-in games. Disney has gone that route a few times, and we see the same with the Gameloft-designed Iron Man 3.iron1

As expected, the game is nice to look at. I know I expect that from Gameloft, but I was still impressed by the graphics. from the opening cutscenes, the game boasted animations and slick transitions designed to invoke triple takes. I had a hard time playing as Iron Man, because I wanted to root for him. the cityscapes were realistic looking, as were the beach scenes. Iron Man and his foes enhanced the game in all their conflicted glory.

The gameplay was a mix of elements. It was an endless flying type affair, with tilting the device employed to avoid objects or to collect goodies. I could also tap to shoot enemies and found some enemies were tougher to destroy than others, and I generally got red coins as awards for taking them out. I liked the tasks that were given to me; they helped track progress.

One of the best parts of the game, in my opinion, was the incorporation of Stark industries into the gameplay. Upgrades, repair and mission planning could be done there with JARVIS’s help. Game currency could be used for this, or I could buy my way to a tougher Iron Man with real cash.

All in all, it was a fun excursion into the virtual world of a 21st century hero. Gameloft: you did well. A.I.M never stood a chance.

Whale Trail to Fly Onto Android

Whale Trail to Fly Onto Android

Nov 7, 2011

British design firm and developer ustwo recently launched the high-budget endless flyer game, Whale Trail, to critical acclaim in the iOS App Store, scoring an 8.5 Quality Index, and earning the iPhone/iPod touch Game of the Week on the App Store. The game has racked up over 75,000 downloads on the App Store, but the game needs about 300,000 downloads to break even on its budget of nearly $250,000 USD. In order to help expand the game’s reach, Whale Trail will soon be available on Android, according to Pocket Gamer, in order to help it reach the biggest market. ustwo already has several games and apps available on Android, including their most popular app MouthOff, so this is not a new platform for them. We’ll have more on this fun game’s arrival on Android soon. Until then, for more info on Whale Trail, read the review on 148Apps, this preview including quotes on the game’s philosophy from ustwo’s charismatic “CHIEF WONKA” mills, and listen to his appearance on The Portable Podcast.