Tennis in the Face Review

Tennis in the Face Review

May 1, 2013

Tennis in the Face is a morality tale about tennis, energy drinks and the curiously-named Pete Pagassi.

In my quest to free society from the debilitating addiction to Explodz that destroyed my promising career as a tennis pro, I used my racquet to defeat hordes of platformed folks with different attributes.

The action was leveled and fast paced; Pagassi was armed with a racquet and balls, had to take out different types of opponents by making use of ricochets to get into tight spaces and to avoid deadening obstacles. To put the ball in play, I simply used a finger to draw a path in a straight line to where I wanted it to head to. Basically, I wanted to take out the caffeinated drones out with point-garnering strikes to the body, with extra bounties paid for head shots. tennis2

At first, dispatching the enemy was quite easy at first; the early levels consisted of clowns spaced out. Basic planning usually one the day, and I was able to get a maximum of knockouts with a minimum of shots. As the game progressed, the difficulty factor increased; different villains brought different restrictions. For example, one set of characters wielded swords and shields, and could only be knocked out when struck from behind. There were some interesting power-ups that added to the fun factor as well

It had the zany type of artwork that appeals to me, the type that is cool without taking itself to seriously. The animations worked with the characterizations, and the slow-motion sequences helped add humor to the gameplay. the platformed visuals were different, and even though I though some glitz could have worked, I still liked the overall look of the game.

It was another one of those games that surprised me. I liked the familiar Angry Birds-like feel of the levels and scoring, but really loved that it still felt creative. And where else can you play with a cat called Pagassi?