Eternity Warriors 3 Review

Eternity Warriors 3 Review

Jun 11, 2014

Eternal Warriors 3 starts off with the basic formula of Blizzard’s Diablo series. Players pick from a warrior, monk or mage (locked) and embark on a instantance based journey around a central town, ala Tristram.

Screenshot_2014-06-07-11-48-42Each area has a few basic quests, like killing a certain amount of enemies, but most of the game is simply basic hack and slash, where the player works their way through an area full of enemies. There is a standard attack button a parry button and a few additional buttons for various skills that are little more that stronger hits. There are no healing spells, buffs or anything as such.

There is an abundance of loot in Eternal Warriors 3. Various pieces of armour, weapons and reagents are everywhere and are often dropped by dead enemies. Equipment can be fused together to boost its stats (which consumes the fused items) and once it is a high enough level it can be further boosted with a reagent and changes form. Then the item requires more fusing and so on. Getting a piece of equipment to a really powerful level takes a lot of grinding.

And indeed the game itself rewards endless grinding. The constant flow of loot and easy gameplay generally encourages the player to repeat the same dungeons again and again to quickly acquire new things to fuse to their existing equipment. There are a few really challenging bosses and levels in the game which act as meat gates until players become powerful enough to defeat them.

In a nutshell Eternal Warriors 3’s gameplay is decent, if unexceptional.

Screenshot_2014-06-07-10-59-42Most of this goodness is undone however by a critical lack of player interaction. All questing in Eternity Warriors 3 is done alone. There is no way to form a party of any kind and the only time the player sees other players is in the town when not in battle and when in a PvP match. This lack of party combat really makes Eternity Warriors a bore after a while. Hacking though hordes of enemies can only be fun for a little while and the lack of party dynamics and varied classes really gives Eternity Warriors 3 a short shelf life. There is the ability to form guilds in game, but there is little point to this when the guild can’t fight together.

Eternity Warriors 3 looks really good. Most equipment appears on the player’s character so it’s fun to see characters tool up and combat animations and enemies look good. Skills are nice and flashy and the game is high res and always moves smoothly no matter what is going on. The sound is fine but rather repetitive. The same combat grunts and enemy sounds can get dull fast.

Eternity Warriors 3 isn’t a terrible game as such, but without true multiplayer the game just isn’t compelling. For a basic loot and slash experience players would probably be better off with Dungeon Hunter 3. For true MMORPG gameplay try Order and Chaos. Eternal Warriors 3 is too one dimensional and dull to warrant attention.