Swipe Quest Review

Swipe Quest Review

Jul 9, 2014

Swipe Quest is a strange game to say the least. It blends classic 8bit era RPG gameplay with a bizarre grid based system where monsters and items are represented by tiles. As the player moves around, running into enemies fights them and sliding into items grabs them. There are also stones and trees which can be collected for gold and experience points, representing resources.

Screenshot_2014-07-06-03-02-16Combat in Swipe Quest is a strange beast. Each enemy has a number in attack and defense. The player boosts their stats by sliding around and grabbing swords and shields to boost attack and defense respectively. Both can also be purchased from the in game shop. Running into an enemy with enough of each uses up the equipment to kill them and leaves the player undamaged. If the player has enough swords, but not shields they take damage directly to their health instead. Defeating enough enemies boost the player’s level, which increases their maximum life and grants a few shields/swords.

Gaining levels also unlocks new quests and tougher enemies begin to appear. Tiles move along with the player and tiles of the same type that run into each other combine. This includes enemies. If the player moves in such a way that they are surrounded by enemies, a timer begins to count down and the player will be killed if they can’t escape.

Quests also randomly appear that are worth a good chunk of experience. Quests range from finding a lost boy, to killing a certain amount of enemies. The dialogue for quests is very strange and is obviously a parody of the often terrible translations found in classic RPG titles. Not good orcs indeed.

Screenshot_2014-07-06-03-21-17Despite Swipe Quest’s unique gameplay, it is just not very interesting. The game is so simple that after a few games the player has seen most of the game and the one dimensional gameplay just isn’t compelling for very long. There is little skill in the game and calling it a puzzle game is rather disingenuous. The player simply needs to keep searching to find sufficient swords and shields to defeat enemies. The only real danger is becoming surrounded, which is easily avoided. Swipe Quest just has no depth.

The game doesn’t look good either. Despite its attempted 1980s PC RPG style graphics, it just doesn’t make use of the medium at all. Repetitive, boring tiles of monsters on a plain green field and endless tiles of samey items just don’t do the game any favors. True retro style games have a style all their own, but Swipe Quest doesn’t play to the era’s strengths.

Swipe Quest won’t hold interest either. Its many unlockable characters just have slightly different starting numbers of swords and shields. They do not actually play any differently.

Swipe Quest is a prime example of why gaming conventions aren’t bad. Swipe Quest’s interesting ideas don’t hold up past a few games and it doesn’t look or sound good either. For a buck it’s worth a look as a novelty, but don’t expect much fun gameplay.