Evomail Review

Evomail Review

Sep 30, 2013

Evomail is part of the new generation of email apps, ones that shoot for a greater degree of accessibility and inbox management. But for me, Evomail comes with one killer feature: the ability to remove emails from the inbox temporarily by ‘snoozing’ them. On my iOS devices, Mailbox’s ease of use and interface has made it my client of choice. This is a problem because I rely on its ability to easily delay emails to a later time to help keep my sanity.

Yet despite Mailbox’s expensive acquisition by Dropbox, it’s still an iOS-only affair. It’s frustrating, because it’s something Google has yet to add in as a built-in feature despite making the Android Gmail app more like Mailbox and Evomail with things like swiping actions. So now Evomail is on Android, and with it, the ability to procrastinate on answering emails. But it’s not quite the great email experience that I wanted.


At its heart, Evomail is a functional email client, supporting the standard list of features that one would quite reasonably expect from an email client. The problem in using it is that everything just feels unwieldy. Nothing feels consistent in function. Even the inbox itself feels like it always has a different group of emails than what I really have. The snooze feature, which moves emails to a new folder but seems to create new unread emails when they return to the inbox, is handy for delaying to later, but just still feels chaotic, because everything appears new, and not in the original chronological order, either. It feels like it’s driving me crazy, and that’s not what this sort of email app should do.

It’s a shame, too, because Evomail has a lot going for it. The swiping to archive and auto-advancing to the next email when archiving from a read message is great. The little settings for send-and-archive and swipe-left-to-snooze are great usability tweaks that make the user feel more comfortable. There’s multiple account (and push notification) support, and this doesn’t just work with Gmail, it works with Yahoo and IMAP accounts. It’s a solid email app, but the way that random emails appear and disappear from the inbox for me? It throws me off.

And really, that’s Evomail’s problem. The chaos is unbearable, and I hope that issues like this are fixed later on. It’s hard to recommend for the Gmail user, but for non-Gmail users? This is one of the few quality options available. For me, someone who uses primarily Google’s email services? I’ll wait for Gmail to add email delaying or for Mailbox to hit Android.