Exomount Universal Car Mount Hardware Review

Exomount Universal Car Mount Hardware Review

Mar 14, 2013

I love my accessories. Like apps, I love anything that allows me to add functionality to my device. Thankfully, Android is in a place that with regards to the availability hardware accessories.

Unfortunately, finding device-specific pieces can be tough, as the range if specs varies widely. The market for generalized, universal aftermarket pieces is therefore quite robust. When it comes to car mounts, different wiring conventions muddy up the waters. Thus, universal mounts sometimes provide the best values. Exomount 2, from Exogear, definitely packs in utility.

First, it looked good. It came in bright white (black was the other option), with red and black accents. It looked sturdy enough, made out of hard nosed plastics, and seemed to possess a minimum of moving parts. I liked the compact feel of the item. The spring mechanism was responsive, and easily maneuverable with one hand. It used a ball joint to facilitate movement along an axis, and there were screws to adjust flexibility.

It was designed to grip multiple surfaces, and used a suction mechanism with a lock lever to effect this. In my real world tests, it worked proficiently on walls, glass and mirror. When applied diligently, it seemed to be very firm. The clip itself was strong without damaging the phone — I have seen that happen with other mounts. It worked well with three devices I tried, cased and uncased (another big test for me, as I prefer keeping my devices cased). It easily accomodated my EVO LTE (2.71 inches wide), and looked like it could EASILY do more.

The drop tests didn’t faze it. I dropped it from about 6 ft up several times, and it didn’t crack. To be fair, I didn’t pelt the ground with it, but I doubt most people will either.

The exposed spring might be an issue in the future, and I could seer where the white finish could get a bit dingy, but for the present, it was hard to focus on probabilities. It looked and felt quite good.

The universal car mount from Exogear was a fun, functional piece of kit that showed versatility and durability.