Expedition Platformer Review

Expedition Platformer Review

Apr 4, 2014

Expedition Platformer surprised me.

It’s a retro-looking 2D platform game with an arcade feel that tells the story of Bogee, a budding anthropology expert on an expedition to different environments.

The game scenery clearly looks to be framed by this narrative, and does a good job of creating a somewhat pixelated jungle environment. There are platforms that make up the playing area at different heights, and green is the predominant coloration in the early level. The controls are fairly flexible, with a movable direction-cum-jump-cum-dodge button, and a “shoot” button to dispense bananas.

The gameplay is all about retrieval. The first level has watermelons spread out in seemingly random order all eplat1around the playing area on the various platforms; the idea is to retrieve all the fruit by contact before the time bar at the top left runs out. To make it a challenge, there are violent natives and hungered monkeys roaming around that make getting tto the watermelons fairly hazardous, as the natives shoot arrows from a distance, and the monkeys inflict damage if they get too close in their starving states. Thankfully, the arrows can be dodged by crouching or ducking, and the monkeys can be bribed with bananas, which can be collected from around the playing area. Long falls are also dangerous

So, dodging baddies and collecting goodies make up the basis, but it is the setup that make the game an enjoyable challenge is the placement. it isn’t a simple left to right excursion, as it is necessary to find the lowest level, and find a way to jump or use a ladder to a reachable level, double back, get a fruit, extra life, banana or artifact, dodge an arrow and so on and so forth… with a countdown clock. As progress is made, elements get a bit tougher, like elevating platforms and such. penguins make an appearance, and even he jungle motif changes to arctic.

I thought the controls could be refined a bit, and there were portions in which the graphics felt a bit clogged (especially the menu). The ads mechanism was confusing and a bit convoluted too.

Still, it’s a hard game not to love, and quite engaging.