KickStarter Spotlight: EverPurse

KickStarter Spotlight: EverPurse

Oct 10, 2012

It is very rare on Android Rundown that we give a shout out to the ladies. Tech blogs tend to be a very male-centric medium and in that nature there is not a lot of attention cast in the direction of some more feminine products. So with that in mind I present EverPurse, which really is exactly what it sounds like, a purse with that charges a smartphone. But what makes EverPurse so great is that it really rises beyond that and becomes something that is so much greater than just a purse with a battery.

The first aspect is that the phone slides gently into a slot or pocket on one side in the purse. This pocket has guides at the bottom that easily brings the phone onto the charger so there are no messy cords to deal with. Simply side the phone in and it is charging instantly; could not be simpler.

Secondly, the way the internal battery charges is ingenious. Using inductive charging, or more simply, wireless charging, the EverPurse is able to be placed onto a charging mat and it is automatically charging right away. There is no need to grab a cord and plug something in, and it can be charging for an entire night or just on a quick trip upstairs. Just like before, this really could not be simpler.

Another reason that I am excited about this project, even though I do not regularly carry a purse on me is that I appeals to the shift in the way that electronics are used now. There has been this shift and people need their phones to work all day and maybe they will not be at their house for a few hours during the middle of the day to charge their phone. By being able to quickly charge while on the train or walking to class is such a big advantage, and being able to do so discretely and stylishly in a major plus.