Extreme Road Trip Review

Extreme Road Trip Review

Nov 30, 2011

Extreme Road Trip is an endless runner…well, endless driver, I suppose, that puts players in control of a vehicle that burns fuel at rates that make fossils cry out in fear. The goal is to drive as long as possible, mostly by performing flips with good landings to get turbo boosts to keep going. Runs end when either the vehicle is stopped by running out of fuel, or when the vehicle crashes. The latter happens far more often. There are 9 vehicles in total, and 4 environments to play in.

The game is free to play, and requires that the other 8 vehicles, from a monster truck to a cop car, be unlocked either by payment, or by completing offers. One is unlockable through liking the game on Facebook, the rest can be unlocked for free by installing and loading free apps. This is actually one of the more free to play games out there. Unlocking the other vehicles in some form is worth it, as they are much more fun and easier to use than the default vehicle.

The controls, which are simply done by holding left and right on the screen to rotate the vehicle in that direction, work well for touchscreens and are very responsive. Tablet owners will be glad to know that the game is optimized for them, as well. The chiptune-inspired soundtrack by Magnus ‘Souleye’ PÃ¥lsson of VVVVVV fame is particularly enjoyable. 

That initial vehicle being so poor compared to the unlockable ones seems like a poor design choice, especially for a game that is looking to hook players into either spending money or supporting their ad network. It is just so inferior and difficult to use will likely turn many users away after the initial download. If it was more balanced, it would make the initial proceedings much more entertaining. As well, each vehicle should have some kind of descriptor as to its abilities before using it. They become apparent after usage (read: the cars are faster but more fragile, the trucks and jeeps are easier to land), but some kind of concrete differences would make things more user-friendly.

Extreme Road Trip is an entertaining free diversion for Android, and great as a pick up and play title. Those looking for a good endless runner, or a free to play game that doesn’t sell currency for real-world money should check this out.