Team Awesome Review

Team Awesome Review

Dec 10, 2012

Side-scrolling superheroes?


Team Awesome from is a delightful game that uses beautiful graphics and varying plotlines to frame a cool citywide adventure. The objective of the game was to move, get past barriers, rescue people, get rid of undesirables and any other level-specific tasks the game threw at me.

Back to the graphics: to borrow a word from the title of this game, visually, this game was awesome. Slick animations, changing perspectives and great looking backdrops all combined very well to create a feast for the eyes. Collisions came to life; knocking break-dancers over was never so much fun. Flying was rendered well artistically.

The gameplay was split into levels, and there were tasks for each level. Tasks involved whimsical stuff, like stopping car thieves or saving old ladies. The moving action was not your basic scrolling fare; as hinted at earlier, I could go airborne. Tapping the screen caused me to jump, and holding down made me flying.

What I really found exciting was the way the perspectives changed in-game. Calling this a side-scrolling game almost does it a disservice. It switched to rear-view and even top-down and the angles were great.

The tasks system was also very well done. I leveled up with points, and completing the tasks expedited the accumulation of points. Of key concern was my reservoir of Awesome, as this was where my power derived from. Running out of that caused my run to end, so I had to continually look for blue crystals for replenishment, while avoiding red ones, which were my kryptonite.

Coins were the in-game currency; I could use the coins I collected to buy goodies and power-ups to make the game easier, or, just use use real money.

Team Awesome is a game that is easy to get lost in while getting your superhero-on.

Crazy Snowboard Pro Review

Crazy Snowboard Pro Review

May 9, 2011

It must be difficult enough trying to capture the sheer, unadulterated thrill of sliding down a mountain on a board, without then trying to fit that thrill into a device that’s small enough to fit into the average person’s pocket. Still, that’s what have tried with Crazy Snowboarding, and they’ve nearly pulled it off as well.

You control your boarder by tilting your phone left and right, with context sensitive on-screen buttons letting you perform jumps, flips and grabs. The system works well and means anyone picking up the game can be performing ridiculous tricks in a matter of minutes.

Rather than try and create a free roaming snowboarding experience, Crazy Snowboarding is split up into different trials, with completion of one unlocking the next. These trials range from collecting letters and knocking over snowmen, to slalom courses and racking up high scores.

For those who prefer a little less restriction, there’s a free ride option. You’re still constrained to a pretty narrow downhill run, but instead of completing tasks, you can pull off tricks and slide around to your heart’s content. It’s a decent place to practice your skills, as well as try out some more ridiculous trick combinations before trying them out on a proper run.

The overall ambiance can be a little overpowering, full of terminology and visuals that are about ten years out of date, but the game’s still decent looking and it plays well enough to forgive most of its faults. There’s plenty to unlock as well, including new boarders and boards, meaning there’s always a reason for one more go.

Crazy Snowboarding is a fine try at capturing the essence of a sport that, quite possibly, can’t be captured. It’s by no means a sim, but it finds the right balance between bombastic, gravity defying leaps and the simple joy of sliding down a mountain. If you’re looking for some arcadey, snow bound thrills, then this is the game for you.