Cross Horizon Review

Cross Horizon Review

Jul 18, 2013

Yes, I know: there are a LOT of RPG titles for Android. Can Cross Horizon be one that is worth checking out?

The dialogue cutscenes were okay, but where the game really excels is in the “live” action sequences. These graphical representations highlight the fantasy world in rich three dimensional form, with perspectives done quite well. The greenery is not too green, and while the shrubbery won’t be confused for a live wallpaper, they work in the context of the game. The mythical creatures look suitably gruesome, and the animations (especially attacks) are relatively life-like. The entire art presentation makes the game stand out in a positive way.

I liked the customization options. At the beginning of the game, I got the opportunity to create a character. Face, skin color, hair type… even the shape of the eye can be tweaked. In a post-racial world (stop and dream with me), options like this signal, to me, the work of a developer that has an eye on details.cross1

The gameplay does not wander too far from standard RPG fare; the backstory lends itself to the adventure, and lets our created hero/heroine understand that he or she, along with two friends are the only hope against a meanie head known as the Bandit King. To procure this type of information, challenges generally have to be accepted (for example, to earn the trust of locals at the beginning). For example, one was to defeat a specific beast in battle.

The game tosses out hints in between level loading, and they work well in conjunction with the surprise in-game fighting tutorial. Success yields different types of rewards, and these rewards can be used as in-game currency to buy upgraded equipment, or to increase attributes, or for revival powers. And of course, real cash can be used to expedite leveling, though I didn’t find real money to be overly necessary.

RPG games are literally a dime a dozen on Android, but this one is most definitely worth an extra look or two.