Stay Fabulous on the Road with WalkingRed

Stay Fabulous on the Road with WalkingRed

Feb 28, 2017

Not everyone has the ability to travel with an army of people dedicated to make them look good. Remember Sandra Bullock as Gracie Lou Freebush disembarking from the plane in Miss Congeniality?

Yes… that’s the life.

Now, there’s a new app that promises to allow you have that type of lifestyle: WalkingRed. The app serves as the mobile portal for

Excerpts from the press release:

Most people don’t have the luxury of bringing their glam squad with them on their travels, much less even having one, but is making it easier than ever to feel like a celebrity while traveling! WalkingRed is the premier on demand mobile beauty and fitness service created to provide customers the star treatment at their convenience.

WalkingRed is equipped with a leading team of beauty and fitness professionals providing a variety of services across the industry. Every WalkingRed artist is fully qualified, insured and complies with high service standards. Each are screened and certified in person, are required to pass CRB checks, and must be fully insured.

For now, WalkingRed is only available in the UK, but we hear it will be expanding its reach soon.

The app is free on Google Play.

Fashion Star Designer Review

Fashion Star Designer Review

Feb 27, 2014

Fashion Star Designer gives the player control of their own fashion label. Everything from leather trench coats to chainmail sleeved shirts can be made and sold to clients for cash.

Fashion Star Designer features mission style play. A client gives a vague design of what they want and the player makes it for them, using whatever materials and design they see fit. Each client has different preferences, such as the use of a certain material or design, such as floral print. Matching these traits grants additional cash. Traits are discovered by simply making clothes for that client through trial and error. Once all of a client’s traits are discovered, a new piece of clothing is unlocked.

Screenshot_2014-02-19-04-26-27Besides dealing with clients, players can also just make clothes at random and sell them in their boutique. As expected, each design fetches a different price depending on what it is and takes a time to sell. The longer the time selected, the higher the amount of money earned, like most freemium games. Super annoyingly only three designs can be sold at once without paying a lot of premium currency for boutique space, greatly limiting income.

Fashion Star Designer unfortunately fails to take notice of the player’s designs. Loading a bunch of designs haphazardly onto a shirt for example with some garish colors is just as effective as tasteful clothing. It is not possible to have a design rejected or even to receive meaningful feedback on a design. This makes designing good looking clothes rather pointless. Multiple colors also cannot be used on the same piece of clothing, except for belts and undershirts and the like. This makes most designs quite dull.

Screenshot_2014-02-19-04-24-00Fashion Star Designer is also full of in app purchases. For the vast majority of clothes, specifically anything cool or classy looking the game asks for large amounts of Gift Cards. They cannot be bought with in game Coins. While Gift Cards can be gained by leveling up, only minuscule amounts are awarded. This is compounded by the fact that leveling up often requires purchasing Gift Card only designs.

Graphically FSD features a confusing interface. With the pay store at the top of the menu and somewhat confusing creation controls there is much scope for improvement. Resizing items is especially slow and awkward. There are limited colours and styles on offer, which is surprising for a game about fashion. Very few accessories like bows and buttons are available as well. The sound is limited mostly to some inoffensive music, but it suits the tone of the game.

Fashion Star Designer purports to allow players to use their imagination and cater to client needs. But the large amount of in app purchases that greatly limit design choices and the lack of actual feedback on designs makes it little more than a glorified tap and wait simulator.

KickStarter Spotlight: Vachen

KickStarter Spotlight: Vachen

May 15, 2013

One of the next big (or small) things in tech is bound to be smart watches, and all thanks can be directed toward the KickStarter darling; the Pebble ePaper Watch. With rumors of Apple and others stepping into the ring this is one product category that is bound to get serious. As is usually the case, small developers are a step ahead of their larger, corporate counterparts and a slew of smart watches are starting to appear across the internet. Pebble set the look with its big, friendly design and ePaper display and it was only a matter of time before a higher end, fashion oriented competitor emerged. Correctly assuming that the most stylish members of society would probably be repulsed by adorning their wrists with a hunk of plastic, Won Rhee of San Ramon, California has come out with the first smart watch that looks more like a Breitling than a Medical Alert bracelet.

The watch, named Vachen, breathes class in its KickStarter video, promo photos, and quality of construction materials. This is definitely a watch for that lawyer uncle that already has a tie for every occasion and a head cover for every club. But, moving past the varied, and classic visuals; when looking at the Vachen’s software it is obvious that it has borrowed heavily from Apple’s older square iPod Nano in making each icon big and leaving the screen as clutter-free as possible. The main draw here, unlike with Pebble, is that Vachen is supposed to be a watch first and foremost, albeit a watch that can change faces at a beckoning tap. This is to ensure that no matter what situation the wearer finds themselves in their watch will always look appropriate and aptly accent any outfit. Behind the watch face, however, is a plethora of pre-installed apps that display notifications from a connected phone, a stop watch and alarm, and even a compass.


Like most smart products nowadays there will be an open app store which means that the uses for the Vachen smart watch are practically limitless. It might not be in everyones budget but I have no doubt that a consumer niche does exist and they will surely be enough to make this a successful product for years to come, and it will be interesting to see if Vachen can grow their brand to rival established fashion juggernauts.

KickStarter Spotlight: EverPurse

KickStarter Spotlight: EverPurse

Oct 10, 2012

It is very rare on Android Rundown that we give a shout out to the ladies. Tech blogs tend to be a very male-centric medium and in that nature there is not a lot of attention cast in the direction of some more feminine products. So with that in mind I present EverPurse, which really is exactly what it sounds like, a purse with that charges a smartphone. But what makes EverPurse so great is that it really rises beyond that and becomes something that is so much greater than just a purse with a battery.

The first aspect is that the phone slides gently into a slot or pocket on one side in the purse. This pocket has guides at the bottom that easily brings the phone onto the charger so there are no messy cords to deal with. Simply side the phone in and it is charging instantly; could not be simpler.

Secondly, the way the internal battery charges is ingenious. Using inductive charging, or more simply, wireless charging, the EverPurse is able to be placed onto a charging mat and it is automatically charging right away. There is no need to grab a cord and plug something in, and it can be charging for an entire night or just on a quick trip upstairs. Just like before, this really could not be simpler.

Another reason that I am excited about this project, even though I do not regularly carry a purse on me is that I appeals to the shift in the way that electronics are used now. There has been this shift and people need their phones to work all day and maybe they will not be at their house for a few hours during the middle of the day to charge their phone. By being able to quickly charge while on the train or walking to class is such a big advantage, and being able to do so discretely and stylishly in a major plus.