Gun & Blood Review

Gun & Blood Review

May 2, 2012

Gun & Blood is a first-person shooter game similar to that of Halo or Counter Strike. I was not really sure I would like this game, as it’s far from my game preference, but I was surprisingly engaged within a few minutes of playing. Aside from being compatible with my low-end device, the fairly straightforward concept of the game held my interest as I played on.

The objective is simple: choose a weapon, equip it and use it to kill all enemies in sight. The player is given a limited amount of weapons and ammunition and can build it up as he collects gold along the way. The main goal is also very simple: do not get killed. The player is given three health packs and three opportunities to call for an air strike in case his health is going low. I’d say use this wisely and only if absolutely necessary to endure later stages of the game.

The interface is pretty smooth. Again, it even works on my lowly HTC Wildfire so that’s a good sign for me. I tried it on another high end device – the HTC Sensation – and it worked just as great, of course with better graphics quality. Shooting enemies can be done in two ways – navigating with the scope and using the fire button or tapping on the enemy himself.

The game has four game scenes and more than 80 levels – I wish it could have been more, but for a free game this is good enough. It’s not too clear how to upgrade guns and ammo at first but one only needs to visit the gun shop to know how it’s done. In-app purchases for upgrade is also an option with this game. Or one could just keep playing the game to collect gold without having to pay real money.

One thing I miss from the game is being able to move around than staying in one place. I guess that’s just what I expected when I first played the game. It can be a bit annoying that one can’t go nearer or farther a target for better shooting angles.

For someone who’s not into these type of games, I enjoyed this a lot. It’s easy to navigate and controls are intuitive. The graphics are realistic and (almost) PSP-esque. Overall, Gun & Blood is a must have for war games fanatics and newbies alike.