File Expert with Clouds Review

File Expert with Clouds Review

Nov 26, 2013

File Expert is a an Android file manager from GeekSoft; we had an opportunity to check it out a while back; it’s back, and seems to be beefier.

The app UI is mostly simple, with the default light theme background being white with pastel icons that also incorporate basic imagery that further conveys their purpose. In addition, there is dark theme that really makes the icons pop out, and a mixed version that adds in a black top tab to the light theme. The settings tab mostly maintains the same design elements, with view modes than can be adjusted (list or grid) and the ability to get rid of thumbnails to improve performance.

As far as performance, the app was able to pull up all the files on my testing device immediately. The file navigationfile1 system is fairly intuitive and follows the basics of Android filing. The address of the selected file shows at the top as icons are tap navigated. Dates of modification are show with the files, and the check boxes to the right. The boxes allow the matching file(s) can be manipulated.

The advertised FTP functionality is a nice touch, and it seems access to servers has been added in. Additionally, files can be shared via bluetooth, NFC and wi-fi.

Two features make this app compelling. First, the cloud functionality; the app works with all the major online storage services, and then some. Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and more including, GeekSoft’s proprietary cloud. The second feature I really like is the the built-in categorization the app does. It pulls in pictures, videos, e-books, etc into app-defined files. The extra tools (like file shredder , one touch cleaner and he built-in memory manager) are definitely the cherry on top.

Some features have to be unlocked to be used; even on its own, in the free ad-based state, it looks like a nice tool to have.

File Expert Review

File Expert Review

Apr 8, 2011

One of the great things about Android is the ability to directly manage files. Of course, finding a good way to manage them is the problem. One solution is File Expert. Offering you the ability to explore your phone’s file system and perform common file operations, so you can delete and move files with ease with File Expert.

File Expert features a clean-looking interface – it looks very nice, and its color scheme gives it a much friendlier look than most dark-themed file management apps, like eFile. This app isn’t just useful for managing your own files – you can use it as a wireless server to download files to your computer via FTP, or through web browser access. One of the great things about the app is that you can use it to manage and back up your apps, as well, without needing root access. You can use this to easily install and uninstall APKs, and there’s even options for rooted users to do it without needing prompting. Also, the app is completely free without any ads, being donationware.

While the app can share files via FTP, it doesn’t appear to support connecting to an FTP server, just to SMB servers. Also, if you have a lot of apps installed, then the App tab will take a long time to pop up, as it repopulates your list of apps every time you select the tab. It will often make the OS pop up with a “Force Close/Wait” prompt – if you select Wait, then it will work, or just click on the Apps tap again. It’s something that needs work, and the whole app seems to lag a lot – it’s not the most stable app at the current moment. The app backup feature doesn’t support data backup, so this won’t replace Titanium Backup yet.

File Explorer is a solid choice for a file manager on Android, especially as this is a completely free option. The network options are especially useful, and will keep me coming back to this app in the future.