Google Photos Adds New Filters and More

Google Photos Adds New Filters and More

Dec 5, 2016

Google Photos is getting a bit more interactive with its latest update.

The new build brings new one-tap filters, advanced editing controls and more movies made for the user.

More specifically, the changelog (per Google Play) is as follows:

• An all-new set of smart, dynamic filters to enhance photos in one tap.
• Advanced editing controls to tweak lighting, color, and more, including an innovative Deep Blue slider that adds color to sky and water.
• More movies, made for you: your child’s first months, holiday traditions over time, highlights from the year, and more – all easily editable.

Google Photos remains free on Google Play.

Yahoo Email App gets Filter Functionality

Yahoo Email App gets Filter Functionality

Aug 31, 2014

Yahoo Email for Android now gives users the ability to manipulate filters directly from within the application. Now, one may create, update and edit filters on the fly via the app.

This enviable feature removes another barrier to completely mobilizing ones email habits; one does not have to get on the desktop to tweak filter settings.

Altogether, per the app page, the recent update adds:

– Enhanced links: Links are enhanced to be nice cards when you share a link while composing an email
– Updated settings: We’ve simplified settings to make it easier to customize your mailbox
– Filters: Create, update and delete email filters to help organize your mailbox
– Certified Yahoo badge: Email from Yahoo get a special icon so you know it’s from us

Yahoo Email is available for free on the Play Store.


[Source: via Engadget]

Presenting Photofy, an Artful Photo Manipulation App

Presenting Photofy, an Artful Photo Manipulation App

Feb 24, 2014

Photofy 4

As the name implies, Photofy is, basically, a photo-filter app that allows users to add special effects, filters and graphics to their photographs. The app allows self-expression in the form of stickers, frames, color correction, and other tools. It’s free, but some features require purchasing. The app can be downloaded for free from here: Photofy on Google Play. Lab Gets Updated With A New Design Lab Gets Updated With A New Design

Oct 8, 2013 Lab 3 Lab is a mobile studio that lets users apply tons of different filters to their photos, and edit them. Now, it has a new improved design and interface, as well as lots of new features, for both its lite and pro versions. The app can be downloaded from here: Lab Lite on Google Play, Lab Pro on Google Play

Viddy, the “Instagram for Video” is Now on Android

Viddy, the “Instagram for Video” is Now on Android

Dec 14, 2012

Pictures say a thousand words. Videos then, by comparison, say thousands of words. Viddy records 15-second videos to be shared with the world. So, 30 FPS video, 15 seconds, that’s 450,000 words. That’s about 80 percent of War and Peace.

Well, the odds are that videos created with Viddy won’t be as profound as Tolstoy’s famous work. But hey, when it comes to video sharing, Viddy enables short videos to be shared. Share a quick clip of something to the world. That big drop on a roller coaster. A friend about to fall backward out of their chair. People dancing on the street. Or whatever. Brevity is the soul of wit, after all.

Viddy is deserved as the Instagram of video sharing, and it’s partially because filters can be applied to videos. It’s also because it serves as its own social network, with the ability to follow people who share videos, and find interesting short videos. Viddy is available for free from Google Play.

Camera Fun Pro Review

Camera Fun Pro Review

Jul 6, 2011

Let’s be honest, few of us use our phone’s camera for taking serious, life-changing photos. We use them to capture little memories instead, stupid and fun things that we’ve done or seen that we want to show off to our families and friends. Or for taking oddly angled social networking photos to show off our best pout-y faces.

Camera Fun Pro allows you to add filters to any photos that you take, and any photos that are in your gallery, to make them that little bit crazier. Anyone who’s used an image editing program before will be familiar with the sort of filters available, which range from one that makes your pictures look like they’re on canvas, to one that makes them look like they’ve been drawn with chalk.

Other than selecting which filter to use, you have no real control over the finished picture. For an app that describes itself as “pro”, Camera Fun Pro is a little light on customisation options. You can turn the flash on and off, but there doesn’t appear to be anyway to alter the opacity, brightness, sharpness or any other facets of the filter.

It’s a shame, because Camera Fun Pro is a really easy to use app. You point your camera, select your filter and get snapping. The results are pretty good as well, offering you plenty of variety for hardly any loss in quality.

Camera Fun Pro is a decent little app, but one thing it’s not is “pro”. For the price, you’d expect to be able to tweak the look and feel of your pictures, and it’s an omission that knocks the app’s score down. It’s great that the filter is added before you take the photo, and the quality of the photos is impressive, but if you want to call yourself pro, you’ve got to go a bit further than this.