Final Fantasy IV Review

Final Fantasy IV Review

Jan 29, 2014

Final Fantasy IV is yet another amazing Final Fantasy game that has at last made the journey to Android.

Final Fantasy IV tells the story of Cecil a young man trained in the ways of the Dark Knight and leader of a core of elite airborne soldiers known as the Red Wings. When his king begins ordering strange missions involving stealing world bearing crystals from cities and the destruction of a helpless village Cecil begins to have doubts and rebels against his tyranny.

Screenshot_2014-01-27-13-04-14Along the way he meets a cast of deep and interesting characters and unveils a much more sinister plot. Final Fantasy 4, like most Final Fantasies is a huge, sprawling game that will take upwards of 60-80 hours to beat. It also has one of the best plots in the series and one of the most mature.

As for the actual gameplay, FFIV is an expertly executed JRPG with all the features expected. There are lots of random battles, plenty of dungeons to explore and loads of side quest and additional content just waiting to be found. FF4 is also very centered on story and there are excellent story scenes to tie the game together. Enemies are imaginative and require real strategy to defeat. FF4 has lost little of its difficulty from way back when and feels just as in-depth and satisfying as it did all those years ago. There is just always something new to explore or a new enemy to fight or some tidbit of story that changes the game. Final Fantasy 4 does a fantastic job of propelling the player through the game just to see what happens next.

The characters on offer really are interesting too. Whenever it’s Rydia, the cute little girl with the ability to summon world ending beasts or Yang, the super tough bare handed monk, FF4 provides a lot of characters you’ll care about and love using in battle.

Screenshot_2014-01-27-15-52-15This version of Final Fantasy IV includes a lot of extra story scenes that weren’t in the original game. These are closely based on the actual events of the original game, but told in a more dynamic way, thanks to the much improved graphics and sound. These are very welcome and it’s interesting to see how the original story scenes are interpreted.

Final Fantasy IV looks and sounds gorgeous. The graphics are full 3-D and they capture the feel of the original game, while also being very pretty to look at. The game’s sound is fantastic. Most cutscenes are fully voiced, a rare treat in the FF games and the classic music and battle sounds are there. Getting to see and hear the characters really adds a whole new facet to Final Fantasy IV’s story.

As mentioned above Final Fantasy IV is a massive game and there is just so much content packed into it. Players will spend weeks of their life finishing it.

Final Fantasy IV is a much enhanced version of one of the greatest games ever made and a must purchase to any RPG fan.