Final Fantasy VI Review

Final Fantasy VI Review

Jan 20, 2014

Final Fantasy VI has been a long time coming, but fans of what is considered by many to be the best game ever made can now foil the evil Kefka on the go!

Screenshot_2014-01-18-16-27-38For those that don’t know, Final Fantasy VI is originally a 16 bit Super Nintendo RPG about Terra, a mysterious girl who can use magic, a force responsible for a terrible war long ago and thought to be lost to the mists of time. Terra is joined by Edgar, a techy king, Locke, a treasure hunter and many other surprising and endearing characters. Terra and her companions go on to discover an insidious plot, tons of enemies and allies and generally embark on one of the greatest adventures ever told.

Final Fantasy VI is an 60-80 hour epic with more gameplay and strategy than can be imagined. From the way that the skill system works to the incredibly deep and interesting characters, Final Fantasy 6 is a game that just keeps on giving.

Screenshot_2014-01-17-14-32-32Final Fantasy VI for Android is a much enhanced version of that game in much the way GTA: San Andreas was. It features the entire version of FF6, with much enhanced graphics that look about a million times better. Gone are the old school pixelated sprites. Terra and crew look much larger and more detailed and it’s akin to suddenly having sight after a lifetime of blindness. Players can really appreciate FF6’s characters much more when they are so detailed and well realized. The improved graphics really make the game’s steep price worth it alone.

Final Fantasy VI comes with two difficultly settings for the more hardcore gamer and a few minor extras, such as a bestiary that shows enemy stats as monsters are beaten and such. The graphics are the real change.

Screenshot_2014-01-18-17-33-56The interface has been revamped for touch devices too. On a phone sized screen however the font is far too small to see, making it really difficult to monitor HP levels, what skill is selected or even who is being targeted. This is really obnoxious since checking the stats constantly in combat is really important and it never gets less annoying. The actual design of the interface is sensible and easy to use, but the small font really needs to be addressed.

The game’s dialogue is sometimes wrong as well. At many, many points in the game the dialogue differs from the original. This even extends to classic lines like, “son of a submariner”. When dealing with a game as beloved as FF6 it’s unforgivable to mess with its dialogue. Some parts of the dialogue even smell a bit like censorship.

Final Fantasy VI is a somewhat flawed, but completely welcome port of one of the greatest games ever seen. The huge improvement in graphics and the slick interface are more than mere coats of paint and make experiencing this immense RPG again very enjoyable indeed. RPG fans who missed Final Fantasy VI the first time around should be in heaven with this.