KickStarter Spotlight: SmartWallit

KickStarter Spotlight: SmartWallit

Apr 10, 2013

I realize that I am not the only person who misplaces their wallet, but I find it hard to believe that there are people on this earth who lose theirs more consistently than I do. For years I have been casually looking into different ways to help me organize my life, and there are a few products on the market that allow the user to remotely find their missing, tagged items. Obviously, the problem here is that these products, for the most part, are separate items and are just as prone to being forgotten and misplaced as the wallet itself.

So why not put the device on the smartphone? Everyone has one and if implemented well enough it can work as a symbiotic relationship. Fortunately for all of humanity there is a project floating around on KickStarter right now that might be the world’s solution to the endless struggle to keep tabs on arguably the two most important items in the average person’s life. Called SmartWallit, this ambitious startup has developed a product that will ingeniously alert its owner if either the wallet or phone gets left behind.

SmartWallit works differently than most products of its ilk in that it will actively alert the user through vibration and beeping. Something I do at every possible opportunity is leave my phone sitting in the cupholder when I leave my car. If SmartWallit was equipped in my back pocket, the moment I get close to my front door it would start beeping and vibrating, reminding me I had left my phone behind for the third time today. For those concerned about rogue beep sessions or that having this means dealing with an acoustic barrage every time they leave the room purposely without their phone need not worry. Build into SmartWallit is a very clever way to turn it off; meerly tapping the wallet will disable SmartWallit and silence the alarm.


What is really amazing are all the other ambitious features that come included in this package. The SmartWallit is not a one trick pony as its included app contains more than just a way to find a misplaced wallet. One of the more odd, but strangely logical, addition is that of a lightweight spending tracker. See, SmartWallit obviously knows every time the wallet is opened and removed due to its accelerometer so, if enabled, it will send a small reminder to aid the user in tracking their expenditures; complete with helpful bar and pie charts. Add in the ability for SmartWallit to double as a cardholder, money clip, or addition to a keychain, and it is clear the development team really went all out in making this simple concept something that stands heads and shoulders above the competition.

Saving Made Simple Finance App Review

Saving Made Simple Finance App Review

Mar 26, 2013

It’s a rough, tough mobile world. Thankfully, more and more tools are sprouting up to help us keep abreast of all the data. As our financial lives become increasingly electronic, the tools we keep to track them must keep up.

Saving Made Simple Finance App is a nice budgeting tool that allows everyday people to keep a finger on finances, even while on the go.

The app got straight down to business. It opened up with with a pop-up request to create a goal. The goal menu opened up to entry dialogues such as those for title, amount, deadline and reminder.

I randomly picked a goal amount to save, and after confirming the target date and such, it gave me all sorts of stats: dollar amount/percentage of target amount accumulated, and a monthly “payment” that will effect reaching that goal. It was all tidily presented, with the information easily accessed and manipulated. I liked the potential detail; if I so wished, I could get weekly, fortnightly or even daily cash estimates for each goal entry. I could also toggle automatic entries (credits and debits) to the head amount.

Now, the cool thing about the simple template was the different ways it could be used. It didn’t take a whole lot of work or reasoning to create a payoff schedule for things like credit lines or loans. Simply entering in the balance and a time frame, and the program did the calculations for me… not bad for a simplistic amortization spreadsheet. The same could be done for long-term savings: car, Christmas, wedding, college expenses… all could be entered in some fashion.

In the same vein, since the program had a reminder system, it could be used set up reminders for the payment of bills. This is something I found incredibly useful.

All in all, there is so much to like in this app. It is simple, very intuitive and more functional than it needs to be.

Free App Recap December 11 – Finance Apps

Free App Recap December 11 – Finance Apps

Dec 11, 2012

Money is a hard thing for most people to get a handle on. Many times people don’t realize they have more money going out than money coming in. This makes it difficult to see where the holes are. It may just seem like there’s never any money in the checking account, let alone having extra money to save. In this week’s Free App Recap, we’re talking about three different finance applications that may help get a better handle on the money situation.

Bloomberg for Smartphone

Bloomberg is one of the most well-respected companies out there when it comes to the financial markets. Having the application quickly accessible on an Android device to make it easier to research a potential stock purchase. Being able to see important business trends but easy-to-read chart makes it easier to get information instead of needing to pine over spreadsheet data.

Download Bloomberg for Smartphone


PayPal is one of those must-have apps for a lot of people. For anyone buying and selling anything, having a PayPal account is almost mandatory. For someone like myself who works for different websites all over the world, PayPal is the default payment method. Using the PayPal app for Android makes it easy to check current balances, send money and request money.

Download PayPal Personal Finance

Mint is such a great personal finance app for tracking spending. Because most people use credit cards, debit cards and other accounts that can be monitored digitally, Mint will take a lot of the work out of monitoring everyday finances. Mint connects to each account and checks for new transactions daily , then graphs and categorizes everything to make it easy to see where all the money is going.

Download Personal Finance

Simple Taxes, Simple Solution — TurboTax SnapTax

Simple Taxes, Simple Solution — TurboTax SnapTax

Jan 17, 2011

Tax season is upon us, which may or may not be a good thing. For some people, doing taxes involves stacks of encyclopedias, accountants, and an April 18th deadline. For others, a simple 1040-EZ does the trick. Throughout the years we have seen easier and more convenient ways of preparing and filing our taxes such as phone file, e-file, and tax preparation software like Turbo Tax. We now see these conveniences in the world of mobile with the advent of apps such as SnapTax.

E*Trade Mobile Pro Joins a New Market – Android

E*Trade Mobile Pro Joins a New Market – Android

Dec 27, 2010

Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! This next app is for all the Gordon Gekkos and cute baby E*Traders of the world (I love those commercials). The stock market is a volatile playground and staying on top of things isn’t always an easy task. Having a tool to help you stay connected and current while on the go can make all the difference and that is why the people over at E*Trade Financial created their E*Trade Mobile Pro application. I’m happy to let you know that this app is now available for Android and can be downloaded for free via the Android Market.